Mathare Mental Patients All Over Thika Road As Doctors Strike Clocks Day One.

Due to unfulfillment of 2013 agreement between Kenya Medical Practisioners Pharmacists and Dentists’ Union(KMPDU) and the Government whereby they were to be given 300% increament,review their working conditions,job structures ,criteria for promotion and understaffing of medical proffesionals in public hospitals.

After 3yrs down the line,nothing has been done.The Union took to the streets upto the Afya House where they were dispersed by teargas as usual for demonstrators in Kenya.Teargas only ignited them and catalysed their spirit and went ahead to Treasury House.

They stated they will carry on strike until CBA agreement is honored.

Health CS Cleopa Mailu held a late press conference previous day over the matter which he claimed to be unfortunate.”We hope reason will prevail.Strikes are called at last resort.In this case its unfortunate.”

The effect of this situation have been felt in all corners of the country as patients are not being attended to.Earlier today  a patient in Kakamega General Hospital committed suicide declining decision to be discharged.This might be linking to the strike effect.

A good number of mentally challenged patients from Mathare Mental Hospital found their ways through the fence as some were spotted  running haphazardly along and across Thika Road.

Why train for six years and end up being paid peanuts? While an illiterate MCA earns 400,000kshs. monthly.Better drop out of class 8 and become an MCA –KOT

Waiguru and Kabura lend government money to pay Doctors-KOT

Personally i have been disturbed,left dumbfolded but not handfolded.Soon or later the government will start blame game.Government  claims of supplying rural electricity which i can’t decline because is true but query is,Electricity Project,Health Matters and Harambees which should be at the forefront?

Members of our families,relatives and friends leave us  under preventable circumstances.Does our government realy care? Or because they have personal doctors? When am sick,will electricity heal me?

Should We Blame Tribalism On Our Political Leaders?

Politics is the art of looking for trouble,finding it whether it exists or not,diagnosing it incorrectly and applying wrong remedy” by Olusegun A. Obasanjo former Nigerian President.

Wisdom flattens mountains while stupidity turns mountains into deeper valleys.Tribalism,Ethnicity “ethnocentrism”  has ever since been in state-of-the-art as preeminent factor on National cohesion since independence in Kenya and Africa at large.

Its aftermaths have been felt both through in socio-economic and political activities as they monotome.

It has brainstorm us much as a Nation and we seem to be comfortable in our cocoon condition.Courtesy of 2016 Africa Ranking  we were nowhere at the top.Which fruit are we ripping by sowing ethnicity,tribalism?

By supporting CORD or Jubilee or National Super Alliance (NSA) the bitter truth is they are tribalism sowers.Politicians are people who preach water but drink wine and forgets they are our employees.

All political parties formed in Kenya are formed along ethnic lines,tribalism as main manifesto and strategy.It’s blasphemy by nearly all political parties and coalitions preaching to be Tribal less.

Hatuko pamoja kamwe! We will only be dancing the same melody when citizens blows off from analysing this.

Kenya will only claim to be tribal less when Nandis and Luos end tribal clashes through cattle rustling ignited by our leaders.Nandi -Luo clashes over  cattle rustling have long caused unnecessary bloodshed,many killed, injured and hospitalised.This is an act of the 19th century.

Misusing us potential youths  to promote hooliganism acts to cause stampede because Raila should not be spotted anywhere in Kikuyuni or Nakuru or Uhuru Kenyatta should not be  seen around Kisumu or Siaya instead of creating job opportunities for us.

As youths our potential and capability is not be political assasinators,goons or assailants.

Hereditary leadership was declined to minimize tribalism.But Election rigging has raised political temperatures and made trabalism earn first class honor.

The fact is Kenya have 42 tribes under which each tribe have their several leaders under political arena but with ideological differences because everyone believes is the best tending not to share same platform.

Should everyone’s last name be same?Nothing like academic qualifications are considered to get a job in a parastatal.If you are a Njoroge,Kamau is in charge? Worriless. Odhiambo,Otieno is in charge? Worriless. Kipchirchir,Kosgei is in charge? Worriless.when will this halt?

Kenya will only be tribal less when not again our leaders don’t act like Governor Jackson Mandago of Uasin Gishu who led protest against the appointment of then acting Vice chancellor Prof.Laban Ayiro  of Moi University Eldoret claiming they want Prof.Isaac Kosgei who is from the same community.He contravened Article 10 of the Kenyan constitution which outlines Equality,Social values,Non-discrimination,Equity.He should have long time ago be serving jail term in Tanzania.

Evidently this has been a Nation divided along political lines which are Ethnic based.

Raila “Undisputed One”Attends Nyamira Youth Forum.

Kama hutaki ODM kwenda kabisa,tupatane kwa debe.”

No room for baby-sitting and spoon-feeding in house of Democrats.

Earlier today 2nd Dec 2016,CORD principal Raila Odinga attended Nyamira Youth Forum hosted by Governor John Nyagarama during his tour in the county.Raila passionately dealt in the agenda which was majorly on matters to do with empowering the youth.

In his speech,he went ahead to criticize the Jubilee gvt on neglecting the youths.

Many young people working in banks,industries have been sent home as economy dims.

He went on advising,

Lets not allow another 5yrs of arrogance.

He went on mentioning 2 things that affects the Uhuru regime


For more clarification on corruption scandals he gave realistic examples of Tanzania headed by John Pombe Magufuli who cleared every dirt of corruption within 2 months in office with several state officials serving jail terms and some       fired.In NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buharu has sent 10 State Governors to serve jail terms over corruption allegations.

He also encouraged party hoppers and defectors to be at pleasure and make their moves quick to leave ODM.

Nyamira county is believed to be divided in terms politics (Team CORD and Team Jubilee) this year as it has long been ODM support base.
He assured his supporters to back him up get into state house and Kenya will be a True corruption -free state.Jubilee is the only  goverment  which raises 80million payers money in a minute through harambee.

 Trumpian Virus In Waitress

“One on One” bar Ongata Rongai

A  Waitress from “One On One” bar Rongai with evidence of a victim who narrated the aggravation and dissapointment to a second party.

Many might have been involved in such a drama and might judge such situations miscelleneous and private problems but hold on!Isn’t this a primary corruption zone?Which is a virus at every level in our Republic spreading faster than ebola.

This isn’t an allegation,it has been witnessed and experienced.The identity of the victim remains disclosed.

It was an EPL derby clash on saturday and so he decided to enjoy the match in a nearby site pictured above for the first time.

  • This is swindling,conning,bluffing ,corruption in broad-daylight.
  • Unhealthy-These are what soda causes in your system
  1. Extra pounds
  2. Liver damage
  3. Tooth decay
  4. Kidney stones and chronic kidney disease
  5. Diabetes
  6. Heartburn and acid reflux
  7. soft drinks=soft bones=osteoporosis
  8. Hypertension
  9. Heart disease
  10. Impaired digestion

Who violated another’s right??

Under Section 27 of the Employment Actonly the following rights are observed

Under Labor law.Under no act or section in kenyan constitution are they allowed  for mistreat,ruthless,insults and conning acts.

Lilian Muli

On 5th september 2016  it was exclusive on social media with a video footage above,Lilian Muli public icon and Tv news anchor  was recorded viciously insulting a waitress at Upmarket bar.

Thereafter,on 26 October 2016 

All above were fired by Royal Media Services but Lilian Muli wasn’t even after  her tinted image.You can see why,it was Trumpian virus in the waitress.


KCPE Impromptu release

Not like other academic years when Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) was being  emancipated late during festive season December.This time round under control of CS Matiang’i,it was a surprise to many inclusive of Head of state who was just given a short brief in the morning at State house by CS Matiang’i.

Exactly after  26 days which is unusual,since it had been a two-month programme.With 99% credibility,positive deviation in terms cheating and leakage.

Kenyans expressed  their joy and feelings in a positive way in Twitter.

In his statement CS Matiang’i

For the first time in KCPE history,there is no candidate whose result is going to be councelled

-There is no basis to do ranking of students,schools as at now

-We will never again have private centres where candidates do exams behind shops

We will do everything right this year even if it means waking up at 4a.m.

The leading candidate  this year got 439 marks not 436 marks as he had announced earlier compared to previous year where the leading got 449 marks.The number of candidates that attained 400 marks and above  dropped by 31% compared to last year.

Early January 2017,all qualified candidates will be expected to join secondary schools not February as it been the routine.

National school selection has already been done and probably before Christmass  day all candidates will have recieved their admission letters to their respective schools.

Adapt Matiangilization.

Toe The Line To The Loyals

Those who today adulate you hossana in the highest,tomorrow will be the first ones raising a clamor,vociferating,heckling you to be crucified.” By arguably greatest African Pontificator Dr.PLO Lumumba.

Six years ago,Tom Rob Smith‘s “Secret Speech” novel has been playing in my mind and he takes us back during The Soviet Union Moscow 1949. I found it relevant and probably,”If you don’t know where you came from-you don’t know where you are going.”  On this chapter betrayal is on the spot,a society stripped of trust,love and respect.That one whom a patner might tend to trust,regretfully could have been the last person to count on.

During this Great Patriotic war,a 55yrs old war hero Jekabs Drodzov had even gone to the extent of blowing up 300yrs old church.The church stood empty except dynamites dug into the foundations.Positioned in the sanctuary where the alter had once stood since everthing had been removed,a sullen,primitive,blunt voice echoed in the church severally,

-There is no God!!

-Religion belonged in an age where everyman was for himself And God was for everyone.   


Jekabs for 5days,he positioned explosives diplomatically,strategically to ensure “structure” church collapsed inwards and domes fall smoothely on themselves.Sincerely wasn’t a heroic job but the repucursions of neglecting the work was greater.Mammoth audience gathered outside waiting to be entertained since church wasn’t enough for them.The plan was pragmatic decision not ideological and cowardice laid behind the arrangement.This wasn’t strange,seminaries had been turned into workers barracks,churches turned into anti-religious exhibition halls,icons used as firewood;priests imprisoned,tortured and executed.

Church was blasted but 5 domes didn’t fall while while the “entertained” audience were bleeding,wounded and weeping.In the crowd was Lazar  a priest,some secret police officers,agents of MGB.Here the drama begins with Lazar priest,husband to Anisya and a friend to Maxim Moscow’s Theological Academy Seminary graduate,24year old and Anisya 30years old.Something promiscous started,Maxim misunderstood Anisya‘s silence and felt confident enough to hold her and say..

Leave him.Live with me

Something she had never prompted,two of them running off together.

Lazar came back breathless and insecure since he was followed by the loyal agent whose identity could not be traced questioned him.Lazar..

I hid in Natasha Niurina’s apartment

-He remained outside .I was forced to leave through the back door.

 They had a little time to escape as they were on watch.Lazar told Maxim

It would be better if you returned  to theologycal seminary and denounced us.Since we are going to be arrested,the denunciation would only distance us from you

Maxim you are a young man,no one will think worse of you.

Because of loyalty to his seniors,Maxim insisted to stay and Lazar furiously accepted him to stay.Beneath the  alter was a trank filled with handwritten musical scores which Lazar explained to them the source and which were condemned as anti-soviet.They were not protecting the papers but their right to survive. They divided them into 3 portions,one to remain in the trunk,two to be carried by Anisya and Maxim whom were no possible targets.

Anisya was ready

-I’ll go first


-No.I’ll go first

Because of his love for Anisya? Loyalty for Lazar?

Maxim goes first and after 10 mins later Anisya was to follow,but 10mins had passed.Anisya stepped outside and when on the street,from nowhere Maxim without music he was carrying gripped her wrist,  a voice was heard from behind..


The man calling was an MGB agent(security agent) in a dark uniform with more men behind him.

“Maxim” whose real identity is Leo  was a secret-police officer,checkist,undercover.With all the layalty to Lazar and Anisya he a hypocryt,thats why:

  • He wanted to get out first
  • Had no family,friends in the city
  • Was quiet in Lazar‘s lessons

On 6 march 2009 Kenya,Miguna Miguna was appointed senior adviser to former Prime minister Hon.Raila Odinga  on coalition affairs upto 4 august 2011.2007  he contested for Nyando constituency ODM party nominations but lost to Fredrick Outa Otieno.His political misery began and to add more insults in August  2011 he was accused of misconduct and chased like a stray dog without even salary.He tended to be loyal to his boss buh he wanted more than his share forgetting,”You only give drink to a boy who can buy a drink”

With too much crammed English vocabulary,a man whose toungue controls his mouth and not his mouth controlling his toungue on JKL a live national television show making misogynistic statements against his fellow contestant Esther Passaris .Instead of apologising to FIDA and Gender cabinet secretary but instead threaten to sue the station.

PLO Lumumba please help rehabilitate incorrigible Miguna si Miguna

If Only Education System In Kenya Is Restructured,More Talents Will Be Natured In Terms Of Co-Carriculum Activities.

A good comparison is German education system whereby at secondary level students get separated into different schools depending on their academic achievement and interests,only handful of schools in Germany combine classes of students with all academic abilities which is reffered to  as Gesamtschulen

Nowhere in Kenyan education system since 1967 when Kenya,Uganda and Tanzania formed East African Community adopted single education system,the 7-4-2-3 in that 7yrs primary education,4yrs secondary education,2yrs high education,3-5yrs university education to 1985 when president Daniel Arap Moi introduced 8-4- 4 system uptodate idea of Gesamtschulen has not even been tabled in the National Assembly or by sports,entertainment bodies.Talents are getting wasted waiting to go back 6 feet down for maggots.

Following latest standings on most developed countries in Africa 2016,infact a visionary being with a reasonable conscience would back me up.Here is the table:

  • Sychelles (HDI score:0.806)
  • Libya(HDI score:0.769)
  • Mauritius(HDI score:0.737)
  • Algeria(HDI score:0.713)
  • Tunisia(0.712)
  • Gabon(0.712)
  • Egypt(0.662)
  • Botswana(0.634)
  • South Africa(0.629)
  • Namibia(0.608)

A kenyan mzalendo commences to view the table in ascending angle,but why? The top seychelles just got independence June 29 1976 a decade after,Namibia 27yrs after  buh 1000miles away out of our reach.

In 2009, in collaboration with NAC,Uwezo kenya conducted assesment of the basic literacy and numeracy skills of children 6-16yrs.The chart below shows % of children who could read a standard 2 level paragraph or solve 2 level substraction problem.

Above pupils if only there were Gesamtschulen  programme  could have been the biggest beneficiaries.

In 2003,President Mwai Kibaki   re-introduced free primary education which previously existed before the mid 80s ,since then primary education  became free and compulsory (Article 53,2010) but what of free secondary education??

Industrious parents,Guardians,Sponsors struggles yet amount of looted tens of billions in gvt ministries and bodies by Shylocks and Cartels probably can even sum to one year finacial budget which can cater for all secondary students whom some are daughters and sons of peasants.Rate of school drop-out in secondary schools is higher than any education level in kenya system not due to suspension or expulsion but school fee.Ask no one about CDF funds because those concerned needs to get back to drawing board.

Am Antagonist to perpetraters,transgressers,stoopers