BABA:RAILA ODINGA Should Instead Vie For International Positions And Leave Local Politics To The Youths

Dear Raila Amollo Odinga [RAO],

You have been the spearhead of political reforms in Eastern Africa,high-octane Pan-Africanist whose competence and caliber stretches beyond boundaries and overseas but incompetent,biased Kenyan politicians from the ruling government doesn’t assign you such profile but instead prays for your retirement and assasination.

Ironically majority of world power nations scrambles for you and believes you are the best than the current weed-smoker Mr.President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Hullabaloo,divisive politics have never been your game.Your enthusiasm in democracy has too been felt across borders and adhered to though the road might have been bumpy. 

You have been the authentic one man army,a living Legend and a walking martyr.The games you do encounter on local politics is decrediting your potential and talent.I’m not against your Presidential bid but i think you deserve more,a better position in the International arena and give for once the youths a chance to dwell in local politics to make Kenya Great Again as you Make World Great Again.

Why I think You Can Make It In the International Class

On December 2,2011 amongst all African dignitaries you were chosen by the head of African Union Commission Jean Ping  to lead a delegation to mediate Ivory Coast’s political crisis after the then outgoing president Laurent Gbabgo refused to cede power.Him together with the winner Alassane Ouattara both claimed victorious after presidential runoff.

The crisis had worsened with over 200 dead and 14,000 forced to flee to neighbouring countries to seek refuge.The nation was divided along ethno-religious lines between Muslim North and Christian South.

You recommended for forceful removal of Gbagbo from office which went through even after talks collapsed.Gbagbo is now a customer of International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges for violation against humanity.

Your Presidency bids has always made Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni wet his pants.He views you as fearless,straightforward politician that can threaten his Cachet in the East African region.

Heavy security details given to you in all foreign lands has been confusing as to who is the King between you and the weed-smoker Uhuru Kenyatta who is welcomed by factotums from Kenyan Embassy when in a foreign states visit.

Previously Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time in Africa history gave you a threatening security for escort including a KNIGHT XV Van believed as most powerful after the BEAST said to withstand 70 grenade attacks and able to run a 1000km distance on flat tyre for escort.

World is shaken and Keeps on wondering.

On March 22,2016 when you arrived at TAMBO International Airport your heavily armed contingent of 15 Russian bodyguards from Zaslon Elite Commando Unit of the Russian Army compared to  US Rangers  left majority toungue -tied whether it was a SuperPower house leader which i don’t think they were mistaken.

Your security was the third heaviest VIP protection in Africa after Robert Mugabe and Al-Sisi of Egypt.

Your grandiloquence,adroitness,humility in leadership and political resilience ,the Israel Philosophers Association in collaboration with the government is looking forward to name a Millitary and Nuclear Enginering University after your name.

It’s observable that Russia,Israel,USA,Turkey,UK,Germany,India,Indonesa world superpowers are fighting not to break the bond made with you.

You are the Cinderella,the Mighty One.

You were the only African incumbent that the controversial US President Donald J Trump is in solidarity with and believes you are the right man for Top Kenyan job.

Last year 2016 the then Democratic Presidential Candidate,Hillary Clinton during her Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia recognized your presence admitting she had learnt alot from you.She reffered to you as Enigma and  Proffesor of Global Politics.She went ahead and offered you a gift of thanks-Public Address system fitted in 5 bullet proof trucks which has collection of 62 powerful 3000W in-built tweeters and motable for 2017 campaigns.

The system’s stereo power makes it audible even 50km away and is fitted with advanced capacitor that can deliberately halt any jumbo electronic device within same radii of 50km away and render them completely.

According Alpine Armoring Director Wallace Gregory you were the First in Africa and no one has ever afforded it.

After three times of Presidency attempt you might have been demoralised at times.You are forever Kenyan.You have to move beyond boundaries and reclaim your rightful position and still your fight for democracy will soldier on.Nothing much will be lost at home.You are the World Class leader. 

If time allows vie for UN chief seat.

You have been a War Mediator,African Greatest Orator,Lecturer,a Cabinet Minister,a Prisoner for Justice and Democracy sake.World Power houses are fighting for you.You will be the World Moderator,Diplomat and Advocate,Civil Servant and CEO.

UN is 193 member state which i believe you have half the Support and Trust.

You are the REAL DEAL!


This Is Why Odinga-Kenyatta-Joho-Moi Dynasties and Many Other More Families of Political BigWigs Vying For Political Seats Shouldn’t Be An Headache.

The campaigns antagonizing one-family political dominance more of hereditary leadership has been of more concern to new political aspirants whom have publicized their contest bids but have one worry of automatically loosing(liability) in party ticket nominations in primaries to their opponents whom might have absolute meagerly development track record but have the recognizable Surname or blood-ties.In this game your name betrays you but your blood-tie or shared Surname to the Top banana secures you a  chance of clinching the flag.

To elaborate my statement much better i’ll use letter A and B for reference.My conscience convinces me it’s never logical to boycott or fight against a potential incumbent(A)  as a result  of his/her Surname or background (From kingpin dynasty)but the self proclaimed “voters choice” (B)who bribed or rather convinced voters not to vote for the opponent[A] since he/she thinks power don’t belong to their family only(A) but augmentatively has zero track record and much less to offer to the people.There comes symphathy voting where the beneficiaries like [B] will never reign without people chanting for his/her impeachment.It’s always deplorable.

Prior to appathizing  with a candidate from the dynasty ask yourself:

  • Don’t they have the potential to lead?
  • Do they lack the qualities?
  • Don’t they personally have development track record?
  • Are you biased?-Definately YES

It’s not about who they are or where they come from for that matter but what can they deliver,what have they delivered.Whenever your mindset is intruded with symphathy voting illness you are doomed.Why vote out a potential incumbent for one or two vague reasons especially because of background.

That has solely been Kenya-Politico campaigns as General elections nears.There has been a controversial debate on what is termed  as “successors” tendency.Jaramogi Oginga Odinga(First vice president of Kenya)-Odinga Dynsasty,Jomo Kenyatta(First president of Kenya)-Kenyatta Dynasty,Daniel Arap Moi(Second president of Kenya)-Moi Dynasty,Joho(Mombasa county businessmen and politicians)-Joho’s Dynasty

Johos Dynasty

About Johos dynasty is still an immature grass on fertile soil.Rising up to limelight.The country wide public figure is the Mombasa Governor HE.Hassan Ali Joho aka 001 and deputy party leader of Orange Democratic Movement(ODM).

A pinch of people are aware of Johos  dynasty but Coast residents are in dilema and now calling for intervention of Hassan Ali Joho aka 001 since his brother  Said Salim aka Saido is eyeing for Nyali constituency seat to be the next Member of Parliament and at the same location controversial Investigative journalist  of popular Jichopevu program Moha is in the game.They are both contesting for ODM Party nominations where Said Salim Joho aka Saido’s brother HE.Hassan Ali Joho is the Deputy party leader.

 This is a threat to the party members from the Coastal region being a stronghold for ODM party,votes might be split depending on the criteria used but party nominations contest which are expected soon will determine the flagbearer.It will be a do or die situation.

A free and fair nominations doesn’t consider the Surname or family background but potential.If Saido has the potential over Moha then let Saido be the flagbearer or vice versa without contradictory remarks and campaign of dynasty.

Odinga Dynasty

Odinga dynasty has been the most controversial under Kenya political umbrella.

This man the Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya Raila Amollo Odinga (RAO) who is the son of the late Oginga Odinga   a firm opposition leader since Kenyatta,Moi governments until he passed on in 1994 with his son.

His political profile and journey in fight for freedom,democracy and devolution in Kenya is known worldwide.I would have not adulated him so much but the history and sacrifice he has made for this nation applaudes for him much more.

This is a man who has won Nobel prizes from hearts of  majority.He has contested three times for presidency but has been always denied in broad-daylight.

In 1982 he was put under house arrest for seven months  due to attempt coup in Moi government which he was later charged with treason and detained for six years without court trial.

In 1988 after being released in February he was re-arrested in September 1988 again when he was  campaigning against immensed poor governance  in Moi government and against single -party system and aimed for Multy-party system.He was released in June 1989 and again apprehended in 1990 together with Kenneth Matiba and former Nairobi Mayor Charles Rubia for fighting for Multi-partism and was finally released on June 1991.

 Today we are a multi-party state,we have a devolved government and atleast a democratic state.  Should this man be denied power because he was a sucessor of Odinga? Should his brother Oburu Odinga be denied power because of his Surname? Should Raila’s daughter Rosemary be denied ODM party nomination since she is from Odinga dynasty?  Should Raila’s relatives be denied power since they are related? 

That’s being so mean.

Coming out of that cocoon state should be a walk in the park.The questions should be, do they have the potential,are they ethusiastic?

 Moi Dynasty

 In 2007 General elections in the Rift Valley region,homeground for former president Daniel Arap Moi whose sons “sucessors” Gideon Moi ,Raymond Moi and Jonathan Moi lost parliamentary elections not that they lacked the potential or qualities but because voters believed the dynasty being built is becoming selfish.

In 2013 after residents comtemplating Gideon Moi’s potential and qualities  he secured senatorial seat for Baringo County.All that people need from incumbents is development which is diversified.

Kenyatta Dynasty

The story line is more of the same like other dynasties i have tackled above.

    Caption| Top left:Daniel Arap Moi,Top right:Jaramogi Oginga Odinga,Below left: Jomo Kenyatta,Below Right:Hassan Ali Joho

Get It Right Mr.President Uhuru Kenyatta And First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

Revolution: At first was the struggle for liberation from former colonialists then fight for democracy which uptodate has been the rotating wheel in a country where moles of dictatorship are still present right from the top positions.You have been the aluta continua in the tussle for democracy i believe but because at times “when diplomacy fails,you try millitary”.The slogan have lost its sense and importance,it has always been 60% millitary whenever your decisions are challenged both through constitutional criteria or the other way round that you know better.

Your undertakings and movements have been on the watch but unfortunately not that “the people” care so much for you but about you,the people are smilling in disguise.It’s known allover and i stand to be corrected,in your journey of growth and development,you were never at any point sent home one day to clear-up school fees arears,your father never requested loan from any financial source,you have never bordered a matatu or a bus outside school life,in short poverty to you is history and not a reality. That’s why you always think visiting slums and munching 30,000 Kshs(300$)nyama choma(roasted meat) with few individuals is humility.That wasted amount could have paid for a secondary school day scholar’s fee for two years or pay rent for one resident from the slum for 60 months.

 Few days ago from a reliable news source Standard Group published a body-shivering insights inconjuction with US spy agency the CIA unmasking the secrets of your family 3trillion Kshs illegaly acquired wealth and the story builds up from the reign of your father,the First President of the Republic of Kenya.Reports exposed  much on Mama Ngina Kenyatta with your half sister Margaret Kenyatta who are Ivory and Charcoal smugglers kingpins in Africa.

I believe when British government financed your father’s government in 1963 to buy land from White settlers so as to resettle the landless Kenyans but instead he squandered the funds and accumulated land for selfish interest,you were just some months old and illeterate.

I would say logically,historically and sincerely you are not to blame for all these mess being that you were an innocent inheritor but a biased one of a kind.

Your mum owns 128,000 hactares of land,a heartless being, still IDPs of 2007/2008 post election violence are still confined in a 10 hactare piece of land in the Rift which if were not force your father applied to stop implementation of land law that could limit capacity of land to be owned by an individual she could be more humble today.

It might be a coincident that holders of top positions in your government were appointed or employed with compliance to qualifications needed but evidently  majority members of your cabinet and administration that  you chose are from ‘UTHAMAKI’ nation and secret considerations behind the scenes of their appointment or vetting was; they can’t betray you,they can’t poison you,inshort they are Loyal and they can’t plot to overturn your government as experienced in  nations divided along tribal line.


 1. President -Moi (Kalenjin)2. Attorney GENERAL- Amos Wako (Luhya)
3. Solicitor-General-Benjamin Kubo-Taita
4. CBK Governor – Nahashon Nyaga(Embu)
5. USA Ambassador – Yusuf Nzibo (Taita)
6. Head of Civil Service- Fares Kuindwa- Taita
7. NIS Director- James Kanyotu (kikuyu)
8. Speaker- Francis Ole Kaparo (Masai)
9. Army Commander-Lenges (Samburu)
10. KRA Commissioner-General:
John Msafari- Mijikenda.


 1.President- Uhuru (kikuyu)
2.Attorney General- Githu (kikuyu)
3.Solicitor-General -Njee Muturi (kikuyu)
4.CBK governor – Patrick Njoroge (kikuyu)
5.USA Ambassador- Githae (kikuyu)
6.Head of Civil Service -Kinyua (kikuyu)
7. NIS Director- Philip Wachira(Kikuyu)
8.Speaker- Justin Muturi(Kikuyu)
9.Army Commander- Robert Kariuki (Kikuyu)
10. KRA COMMISSIONER GENERAL -Njiraini (Kikuyu)  

We appreciate your service delivery aim and struggle to all Kenyans.When fighting the opposition you  always forget you are the President of all Kenyan people.

Health Crisis

Without being naive Mr.President,if all Kenyans mysteriously fall sick or maybe bio-terrorism attack acts that only Doctors can prevent and cure, occur today.How would have Amina’s lobbying help?How would have purchase of 25 billion APC MRAP(Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle)armoured personel carriers leased during second phase early January help? How would have 45 billion purchased jet fighters help?

And above all were purchased within Doctors strike period which is still unsolved.

Attempt by the court to sentence the Union incumbents for one month imprisonment have been postpone twice after hearings from both parties but court have never given out guidlines for negotiations.The promised better healthcare renovation has even worsen to be sincere.

The status quo in the country now 6 months to General elections under your regime should have  been the last choice that should have happened.

Beyond Zero Campaign

Ever since the healthcare sector faced wrangles of Doctors and Nurses Unions strike,the industrious Her Excellency the Firstlady Margaret Kenyatta have literally been behind the screen despite her earlier campaign to save lives of 15 expectant mothers who die everyday and children.

Her foundation was innovative and a standing ovation in the world.

It is not an offense to hold a half-marathon campaign race to save lives but it is going to be an offense this time round which was scheduled mid February this year to conduct the campaign not unless funds raised are to be used to settle Doctors CBA demands.

Our mum have gone missing from public eye ever since the genesis of health crisis. Has she become Careless Mr.President?

Amina’s AU bid

     Caption: Left: Firstlady Margaret Kenyatta   Right:Foreign Affairs CS ,Amina Mohammed

It was a joy of victory for African states that needs radical change,outspeaking,standby and alert incumbent not with only negotiation skills in the African Union (AU).

It was an immense pitty that even our immediate neighbours Uganda and Tanzania all from East African Community never voted for your candidate and worst of all 40% support from your home country.
Spending over 1 billion Kshs in lobbying for Amina’s candidature while you have declined to pay Doctors.

Who on earth didn’t know she was your muppet and the decision was for your personal interest.

What you just confirmed to Kenyan Citizens were:

  • You prioritised Amina’s bid than dying citizens in hospitals.
  • You prioritised Amina’s bid than tremendous Kenyans dying of hunger back at home
  • You prioritised Amina’s bid funding than 58th day of Doctor’s strike and 70 dead citizens who couldn’t afford private hospitals.

I would say “A DISGRACE,CARELESSNESS” to be simple and clear.

Mr.President Uhuru Kenyatta,Firstlady Margaret Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto

After Scrutinating Into Safaricom’s Corrupt Schemes,CEO Bob Collymore Blocked @JohnBosco_Juma On Twitter.

So after scrutenizing the telecom firm in just single article in conjunction with pressure from Kenyans on Twitter (KOT).Pain caused by the nail hit on the head of CEO Bob collymore have persisted.To my surprise  he went ahead to block me on twitter.You can guess why.

(Safaricom Increased Dominance In Kenya Market Powered by Tremendous Stolen Clients Funds Through Sca… – This article was the Genesis of the drama but Exodus to salvation.

All that we Kenyans want is a simple task.STOP CONNING  CUSTOMERS (airtime and internet bundles conning,3rd party M-Pesa scams).Come out with an affidavit to challenge and convince us that these claims being raised are incorrect and vague.Come out and explain why and how Maria Shapiri former Head of Department under Human Resource Business Partner for Consumer and Enterprise Division resigned.

     Maria Shapiri
 I urge every single patriotic citizen with much more critical information not to hesitate to report.You can DM  me through my twitter handle @JohnBosco_Juma or my facebook page @Johnboscojuma.

This is just a whistle of guiltiness blown.

Left: Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, Right:Realist JohnBosco Juma

Safaricom Increased Dominance In Kenya Market Powered by Tremendous Stolen Clients Funds Through Scams Raises Alarm.

The supernormal profit in the monopoly curve of cutting edge and suppressing telcom company safaricom have raised eyebrows.Their dominance of 65% share in the market have manipulated close competitors.Has induced an Indian-owned firm Airtel attempt to relinguish Kenyan market.Remarks were made by Airtel CEO Adil El Youseffi whose three-year contract expires this year claimed that loss has become stagnant over last two years without profit unfortunately intolerable.

This is evident after over 600 employees were absconded jobless in 2015 and early 2016,60 more employees were sent home and possibility of more to be sacked this year in the next phase of layoffs. 

Airtel introduction of the  Unliminet bundles was a big blow to rival Safaricom having lost several internet bundle  subscribers to Airtel  whose subscribers appreciated from 2.3million to 3.4 million and inflated market share from 14.6%-18.5% according to Communication Authority of Kenya in 2015.

Reported conning mechanisms by Safaricom

•After loss of millions of revenue and income from internet bundle unsubscribers,they embarked on Automated subscription for premium services-Cheza Games Scams.

The influence and interests customers
have in  Safaricom is due to their diversified services which have made work easier for majority but they have exploited the trust.

    Media groups have not been scrutenising and creating awareness to point out and unmask the fraudsters in the management of the firm led by CEO Bob Collymore for public interest since they are affiliates and beneficiaries.

    The Automated Subscription of Cheza Game scandal was debunked and constrained by Kenyans on Twitter .The affidavit was piled which at first the firm claimed were row allegations but believe me the “allegations” were confirmed true and every victim of the scam was refunded by the firm.

    Below was the confirmation statement from CEO Bob Collymore.

    The scam scandal had led to an attempt by the CEO to sue the controversial Kenyan -based blogger Cyprian Nyakundi  who exposes  their planned  corrupt schemes.

    I after publishing (FACT:Kenya Under Siege With Political Drama And Assasination Taking Fore Front As Main Economic Acti… – have recieved threats from undisclosed sender to retreat from exposing lots of government activities.Am ready to be sued by anyone since my secret weapon of truth is unretrievable from my possesion.

    M-Pesa Third party scams sponsored by cartels.My sincere understanding of this quagmire are the conmen and women  whom “accidentally” send money through M-pesa to “unintended recipient” then calls to reclaim the money “sent”.Persons who own button phones and unaware are mostly victimised and rarely gets help deserved,this being a master move between agents and the third party.

    •I happened to be a victim of their new fraud move.I topped up 50kshs in my account to make a call,shockingly in the midst after a minute before my airtime depleted,my call was held on as Safaricom Customer Care services tunes took over and remember the calls are never free.I hanged up and when i rechecked my balance it had deflated by 10ksh and the call recipient surprised me that i held on,i was not communicating though connection was  not stambled on the recipient side.

    These acts should be reported and condemned by all means possible.

    Safaricom have created “fear” in me towards old men dressed in suites than youths in tattoos.

    When Airtel introduced Unliminet 20 data bundles many had sigh of relief.Unliminet 20  was more than enough as compared to Safaricom’s offer.Unliminet 20 offered;20mbs,20sms and 8mins free airtime call than Safaricom that offers only 15 mbs without sms and free call.

    Previously KPMG forensic report audit in relation to contract compliance,activation and procurement exposed the depth of corruption in the company .Whenever the CEO Bob Collymore who is rarely interviewed by the broadcasting houses gets to “be held accountable” through interview, the media covers-up by asking primary questions.

    Are these happening because of illieteracy and unawareness?Yes.We shall push to the wall these barriers until self-confessions are witnessed from several  big pins in the firm.

       Caption: Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore

    Court Issues KFCB With Order To  Ban  KBL And African Spirits Adverts From Being Aired.

    On 19th January 2017 Kenya Films and Classification Board led by CEO Ezekiel Mutua presented a plea before the court on illegal adverts under section 4,12(2) and 17 of the Films and Stage Play Act CAP 22 of the constitution of Kenya and  461 of Kenya Information and Communications Act after Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) and African Spirits Limited failed to comply within their ultimatum.

    On 20th January 2017 under Hon.Lady Justice Njuguna issued an urgent temporary injunction upto 2nd February 2017 when the plea shall be heard from both sides.The injunction was to restrain specific adverts broadcasted within watershed period (5am-10pm) under sponsorship of KBL and African Spirits Limited companies. Guiness (made of more),Tusker Premium Cider ,Kenya Cane(Celebrate your moment) and  Legend Brandy which violates morallity in underage children.

    Below was the court order courtesy of @InfoKFCB

    For more information and indepth story,you can read my last article ( KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua’s Crackdown On ‘Immoral’ Adverts From Being Aired Is The Best Move. –

    YOUTHS:Be Cautious Of Your Conduct Today In Grassroot And Social Media,They Will Build or Destroy You Tomorrow.

    The worst illeterate is the political illiterate.He hears nothing,sees nothing,takes no part in political life.He doesn’t seem to know that cost of living,cost of floor,of beans and of medicine all depend on political decisions.He even pride himself on political ignorance.Sticks out his chest and say he hates politics.He doesn’t know,the imbecile, that from his political non-participation  comes the prostitutes,the abandoned child,the robber and,worst of all the corrupt incumbents and the lackeys of exploitative multinational corporations.-BERTOLT BRETCH.

    The present day’s culminating young ladies and gentlemen tend to have two dreams for commercial purposes;Be a business tycoon or join political umbrella.Once in a bluemoon ladies show interest in politics with no persuasive reason consigning to oblivion that politics plays 50% in their survival under planet earth.

    Human being are prone to be emotionional and whenever we become over-emotional we believe the only consultant to share our afflictions with is social media platform.The question and the point of concern is the content you share.The repercusions later on are always unbearable.That one very post can cost you your job or acquire you an employment,can bring about your demise,can secure you promotion to the top most position on hierachy.

    Emotionally updating your status on social media is not the best antidote against your status quo.You get blinded,in there, are your enemies and mutual friends,followers and those you follow who wants the best and worst from you and to you.It will be a lethal weapon to your enemies in the ring to punch back at you and roast you dry.I suggest you think and re-think  prior to writting than erasing after writting or deleting after posting.

    Who are these enemies? Doing away with your ‘trash’ after circulating won’t cover up much as you might have expected.Immediately you update your status all your friends get notified and if they happen to be online they screenshot,share,retweet and download in their phone for backup.You won’t get away with the wrath  easily.

    Now First Lady Of The United States(FLOTUS) Melania Trump happened to be a model and a video vixen for commercial purpose or maybe passion whose nude pictures went viral on the internet even after she deleted her accounts.The respect  her position  deserves now is faded away.Models reputation has always been smeared with dirt,’sex pets’.

    In Kenya,scandals are the order of the day.Media groups scandals,murder scandals,political scandals,corporates scandals and so on.”You did” catchphrase in political scandals is the arsenal.Media terror by bloggers who are sponsored by cartels to catalyse  your downfall will be merciless if they happen track down your grassroot misconducts.You will be an hypocrite.

    Some years back former MD of Mumias Sugar Company now Governor of Nairobi County Dr.Evans Kidero was being alleged to have caused downfall of the company after looting all finances but the allegations were unsubstantiated hence was cleared not guilty as charged by the court.The “You did” catchphrase.Mr.President Uhuru Kenyatta during 2013 pesidential debate was on hot seat after he was accused of “landgrabbing” acts of 1963-1978 when his father the First President of Kenya was in power.The”You did” catchphrase.

    Youths have all the time and all means it takes to clear up all the mess,start afresh and repent if possible.CVs today are not considered so much in papers you submit,them being masked but a survey is done on your social media accounts,figuring out your real picture hence where your CV is extracted from.

    The previous year,Kenya Airports Authority(KAA) employee by the name Ken Wa Mwangi got the huff of Kenyans on social media when he went ahead to sexually mock young girls,an act which he claimed he was ‘just being hilarious’.The fire ignited was unextinguishable hence caused intervention of the board of management.Everyone was calling for his immediate arrest.

    Below was the post

    The message was immoral.This ‘hilarious’ post cost him his job contract.The image of Ken wa Mwangi is tainted from public interest.His dreams now invalid.

    When Kenya Films and Classification Board(KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua did what i would say being ‘over-emotional’ bragging about his Diplomatic passport which he acquired on February 2013 while working under ministry of foreign affairs.

    According to policy and constitution of Immigration department it was illegal for him to be in possession of the diplomatic passport since he was nolonger an employee under the ministry.That post became tragedy to him after, as he had to surrender it back.Below is what he captioned..

         Someone wrote in local daily that i will            never be issued with a visa to the US                   because of my stand on moral values                against LGBT and atheists culture in                   Kenya.Well, i did not only get it but it               came with diplomatic passport and i                 didn’t even have to go to the Embassy for      biometrics or paying for application fee.          USA here i come.See you.

    Be careful.