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After Scrutinating Into Safaricom’s Corrupt Schemes,CEO Bob Collymore Blocked @JohnBosco_Juma On Twitter.

So after scrutenizing the telecom firm in just single article in conjunction with pressure from Kenyans on Twitter (KOT).Pain caused by the nail hit on the head of CEO Bob collymore have persisted.To my surprise  he went ahead to block me on twitter.You can guess why.

(Safaricom Increased Dominance In Kenya Market Powered by Tremendous Stolen Clients Funds Through Sca… – This article was the Genesis of the drama but Exodus to salvation.

All that we Kenyans want is a simple task.STOP CONNING  CUSTOMERS (airtime and internet bundles conning,3rd party M-Pesa scams).Come out with an affidavit to challenge and convince us that these claims being raised are incorrect and vague.Come out and explain why and how Maria Shapiri former Head of Department under Human Resource Business Partner for Consumer and Enterprise Division resigned.

     Maria Shapiri
 I urge every single patriotic citizen with much more critical information not to hesitate to report.You can DM  me through my twitter handle @JohnBosco_Juma or my facebook page @Johnboscojuma.

This is just a whistle of guiltiness blown.

Left: Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, Right:Realist JohnBosco Juma


Safaricom Increased Dominance In Kenya Market Powered by Tremendous Stolen Clients Funds Through Scams Raises Alarm.

The supernormal profit in the monopoly curve of cutting edge and suppressing telcom company safaricom have raised eyebrows.Their dominance of 65% share in the market have manipulated close competitors.Has induced an Indian-owned firm Airtel attempt to relinguish Kenyan market.Remarks were made by Airtel CEO Adil El Youseffi whose three-year contract expires this year claimed that loss has become stagnant over last two years without profit unfortunately intolerable.

This is evident after over 600 employees were absconded jobless in 2015 and early 2016,60 more employees were sent home and possibility of more to be sacked this year in the next phase of layoffs. 

Airtel introduction of the  Unliminet bundles was a big blow to rival Safaricom having lost several internet bundle  subscribers to Airtel  whose subscribers appreciated from 2.3million to 3.4 million and inflated market share from 14.6%-18.5% according to Communication Authority of Kenya in 2015.

Reported conning mechanisms by Safaricom

•After loss of millions of revenue and income from internet bundle unsubscribers,they embarked on Automated subscription for premium services-Cheza Games Scams.

The influence and interests customers
have in  Safaricom is due to their diversified services which have made work easier for majority but they have exploited the trust.

    Media groups have not been scrutenising and creating awareness to point out and unmask the fraudsters in the management of the firm led by CEO Bob Collymore for public interest since they are affiliates and beneficiaries.

    The Automated Subscription of Cheza Game scandal was debunked and constrained by Kenyans on Twitter .The affidavit was piled which at first the firm claimed were row allegations but believe me the “allegations” were confirmed true and every victim of the scam was refunded by the firm.

    Below was the confirmation statement from CEO Bob Collymore.

    The scam scandal had led to an attempt by the CEO to sue the controversial Kenyan -based blogger Cyprian Nyakundi  who exposes  their planned  corrupt schemes.

    I after publishing (FACT:Kenya Under Siege With Political Drama And Assasination Taking Fore Front As Main Economic Acti… – have recieved threats from undisclosed sender to retreat from exposing lots of government activities.Am ready to be sued by anyone since my secret weapon of truth is unretrievable from my possesion.

    M-Pesa Third party scams sponsored by cartels.My sincere understanding of this quagmire are the conmen and women  whom “accidentally” send money through M-pesa to “unintended recipient” then calls to reclaim the money “sent”.Persons who own button phones and unaware are mostly victimised and rarely gets help deserved,this being a master move between agents and the third party.

    •I happened to be a victim of their new fraud move.I topped up 50kshs in my account to make a call,shockingly in the midst after a minute before my airtime depleted,my call was held on as Safaricom Customer Care services tunes took over and remember the calls are never free.I hanged up and when i rechecked my balance it had deflated by 10ksh and the call recipient surprised me that i held on,i was not communicating though connection was  not stambled on the recipient side.

    These acts should be reported and condemned by all means possible.

    Safaricom have created “fear” in me towards old men dressed in suites than youths in tattoos.

    When Airtel introduced Unliminet 20 data bundles many had sigh of relief.Unliminet 20  was more than enough as compared to Safaricom’s offer.Unliminet 20 offered;20mbs,20sms and 8mins free airtime call than Safaricom that offers only 15 mbs without sms and free call.

    Previously KPMG forensic report audit in relation to contract compliance,activation and procurement exposed the depth of corruption in the company .Whenever the CEO Bob Collymore who is rarely interviewed by the broadcasting houses gets to “be held accountable” through interview, the media covers-up by asking primary questions.

    Are these happening because of illieteracy and unawareness?Yes.We shall push to the wall these barriers until self-confessions are witnessed from several  big pins in the firm.

       Caption: Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore

    Court Issues KFCB With Order To  Ban  KBL And African Spirits Adverts From Being Aired.

    On 19th January 2017 Kenya Films and Classification Board led by CEO Ezekiel Mutua presented a plea before the court on illegal adverts under section 4,12(2) and 17 of the Films and Stage Play Act CAP 22 of the constitution of Kenya and  461 of Kenya Information and Communications Act after Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) and African Spirits Limited failed to comply within their ultimatum.

    On 20th January 2017 under Hon.Lady Justice Njuguna issued an urgent temporary injunction upto 2nd February 2017 when the plea shall be heard from both sides.The injunction was to restrain specific adverts broadcasted within watershed period (5am-10pm) under sponsorship of KBL and African Spirits Limited companies. Guiness (made of more),Tusker Premium Cider ,Kenya Cane(Celebrate your moment) and  Legend Brandy which violates morallity in underage children.

    Below was the court order courtesy of @InfoKFCB

    For more information and indepth story,you can read my last article ( KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua’s Crackdown On ‘Immoral’ Adverts From Being Aired Is The Best Move. –

    KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua’s Crackdown On ‘Immoral’ Adverts From Being Aired Is The Best Move.


    Gone are the days when having a Great wall television ‘black and white’was a privilege in the then society.Family and friends could walk miles just not to miss their favourite tv programmes likes of ‘vitimbi’ then most salivating program just to mention a few.Nowadays everyone demands space to watch their favourite because of the content not much easing to watch with underage children.

    But since a new era of so called ‘digital migration’ came to effect,moral values to our children have since been violated through media programmes(Mexican,Phillipine soap operas),adverts (alcoholic related )aired on televisions,posts on billboards,social media adverts in adult-intended languages.Research shows companies in Kenya spend over 68billion annualy on adverts being an immense profit to the brodcasting houses but at the expense of young people’s moralism.

    This might not be a blow to careless parents considering the acts to be swagg with ‘free’ your kid mentality.These adverts and programmes are mainly for commercial purposes but a threat to the generation of tomorrow.Maybe i should substantiate;one advert in a day brings to pocket atleast 100,000kshs each advert per day.The media (broadcasting) company needs more enough money to pay satisfying salaries to their employees,party with some profit not concerned about the programme content hence Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB) was formed to regulate and classify programmes that conserves moral values to children.

    Condoms and contraceptives advertised in family planning advert,beer,ciggarete adverts on television, billboards,social media sponsors in Kenya have recieved ultimatum or face jail terms to clear-off from air during watershade  period(5am-10pm).

    KFCB CEO Ezekiel Mutua have been on the fore-front and strict on these regulations.Cases of prohibited unclassified movies and music videos,tv programmes and adverts is good news today.The struggle for him to shape up the media is adulatable,thumbs up.

    Adverts banned

    • Durex condoms
    • Trust
    • London distillers
    • EABL’s Tusker lite advert
    • Lux
    • Coca cola kissing scene
    • Pwani oil fresh fry

    Those have led to pre-mature sex,increased drug abuse.Life expectancy in Kenya as of WHO’s report is 61.08yrs while Monaco has the highest of 89.52 yrs.Influence of drug abuse is the largest contributor as far as health matters,alcoholic substances consumption and smoking is the biggest shareholder.

    The law only allows above outlawed adverts to be aired not during watershed (11pm-4am) according to Ezekiel Mutua and all movies,music videos to be distributed after verification by KFCB sticking to classification guidlines.On 21 January 2017 they KFCB recieved a go-ahead court order to ban the illegal alcoholic related adverts from Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) and African Spirits Limited after they failed to comply within the ultimatum.

    Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua


      #Kideropaykanjos:It Has Worsen To The Extent Of Being Captured For Carrying National Identity Card Photocopy.

      When arms of law reaches out for you whether an innocent soul or guilty as charged you cant’t escape unless justice prevails.

      When a city council “kanjo” is on dry spell and needs money,false accusations is what you expect from them.

      Stories will be built up and the only medicine to reduce the headache is to “bribe”.

      They never communicate in national languages but in their mother tongues to be secretive,they never refer to each other by their real names to reveal their identity.The likes of “Generals” and “Major”

      After research from relevant undercover authorities and media investigative programmes, from bribery alone they earn over 24 billion annualy from..

      1. Hawkers
      2. Retailers,wholesellers
      3. Traffic offenders etc

      All illegal process.Most rampant in Nairobi is hawkers harrasment but since there are so many much ways to kill a rat,being captured for walking around Nairobi CBD around 5-6pm is insecure and with a photocopy of National Identity card is an offence since you will get arrested.

      Restrain yourself from uptown around 6-7pm if you are a pedestrian.But is this security or insecurity from security officers whom we pay through our taxes or is it that they aren’t paid much enough.

      Below is the letter of the victim to Governor Evans Kidero

         Hon.Evans Kidero and City hall

      This Was The Reaction Of Senate Speaker Ekwe Ethuro After Deployment Of Police Barricade Around Parliament Buildings.

      Road blocked,no through way

      The deployment of the police blocade around the parliament buildings which denied members of the senate free access to the chambers raised more concerns and frustrations.

      This seems to be caused by the previous chaotic and contentious special sitting in the National Assembly on 23 December over the ammendment of election laws which gives hand to Manual voter identification and voting than Biometric voter registration and voting.

      Opposition leader Raila Odinga “after thinking” argued this will raise the dead,”ghost voting.”Only time will tell if opposition are right.Planning Mass Action on 4th January 2017 to condemn the laws will be their last bullet as stated by the Opposition leader.

      Contrary to what IG Boinnet and Nkaissery Internal Security CS expected to happen on Wed 28 December in the senate forgetting that’s house of decorum.Solomonic wisdom of Speaker Ekwe Ethuro saved the house and showed peasant Kenyans loyalty and intelligence.He said..

      Kenya is not a police state but a democracy state.

      Police officer should facilitate acces to the chambers not fear and denial to freely enter.

      Ekwe Ethuro directed the chairman of National Security to investigate under what circumstance police came to parliament.This was after immense pressure from members who demanded answers.

      Has parliament been held captive by the executive? why have police barricated roads near parliament.We want to know why? Asked Sen.Bonni Khalwale

      They pleaded and at the same time demanded the speaker to adjourn the sitting if police were not cleared around the quarters.

      The sitting was not usual being  festive season since they adjourns before Christmass D-Day and resumes January after celebrations and vacations.The speaker gave notice a week ago after Majority leader in the senate Kithure Kindiki requested,  supported by other 15 members following the drama in National Assembly stating that it was a business that must be transacted early before rush hour.

      In Election laws ammendment act 2016,he directed Senate Legal Affairs team to bring in public input on the eristic changes to poll laws.

      FACT:Kenya Under Siege With Political Drama And Assasination Taking Fore Front As Main Economic Activity.

      Just a day after cold blood murder of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov by a police officer from a special unit in Ankara Gallery.

      A senior police officer and infact former presidential escort officer Kipchirchir Alfie who is now an instructor at The Kenya Police College Kiganjo courtesy of his facebook account temerariously,raising eye brows of  majority with a clear shot of a packet of live bullets captioned that three to take down Junet Mohammed and the rest for Millie Odhiambo whom are all CORD Mps.Is this Utumishi Kwa wote-Service for all?  

      In the case of Russian Ambassador,this is a serious threat and should not be taken for granted and this is how they have been conducting political assasination of leaders in Kenya.

      This happens a day after dramatic ‘special meeting’ in the August House.Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi was blocked at the door from making his way through to the chambers for 2hours from 9:30am and the August’s House Symbol of Authority Mace carrier sergent- at-arm  also could not pass hence no transaction in the debate or sitting can be done.

      The mixed reactions was caused by the ‘illegal’ debate on Elections Laws Ammendment Act  and yet to be confirmed Election regulations to govern next year 2017 General Election.The opposition were mainly opposed   to the proposed use of manual voter identification and submission of election results if biometric voter machine fails, a calculated move for election rigging.

              CORD members outside chambers

            Hon.Millie Odhiambo

        Second special sitting,the majority members (ruling party) were allowed to take with them fire-arms.They assaulted each other forcing the opposition to boycott and vacate the debate matching to Milimani Law courts to present their petition of halting the sitting.I am naive 2017 might be another 2007 post-election violence.This is Adolf Hitler governance.We are a stake and this is happening during festive season.It’s a clear-cut this house of legislators lacks decorum together with the speaker who is Jubilee party mole.

      All High- Profile Assasinations since independence.

      Extra-judicial killings is now becoming no news in this republic.They happen “investigation” is done,suspects accused but are never found guilty and cover up is done unfortunately they are never forgotten.There are piles of cases for extra-judicial killings which only personalities from corridors of power emerge victorious.

      Since 2013 when Jubilee regime got into power,tremendous political assasination have taken higher profile.Likes of Kipchirchir being second self-confessed proffesional assasin after undisclosed man who confessed to clear doubts after killing of contreversial businessman Jacob Juma since he took part in it.

      Below is a letter courtesy of Boniface Mwangi,Activist.Please go through it.

      In 1969 July Tom Mboya was assasinated,1975 JM Kariuki was also brought down,1990 Robert Ouko also was murdered all under political arena.

      From 2013 courtesy of Raila Odinga here is a list ICC Witnesses that have been murdered

      1. Meshack Yebei
      2. Charles Ndungu Wagacha
      3. Naftali Irungu
      4. Anthony Mwenje
      5. Njuguna Gitau
      6. Njoroge Gichere
      7.  Timothy Mburu Gatira
      8. Njuguna Gitau
      9. George Njoroge Wachaga
      10. Maina Diambo
      11. John Kitugi

      Not forgetting poisoning of Hon.Mutula Kilonzo,terrific death of Hon.Orwa Ojode and Hon. George Saitoti ,Jacob Juma,Hon.Otieno Kajwang’,Bogonko Bosire,George Thuo Who were all threat to the ruling administration.


      This is a leading mobile network operator in Kenya.It’s tragedy that in every public service here in Kenya  is drama.

      This is a company that on every single day earns averagely 140million kshs profit,3.6million kshs per hour.

      Taking advantage of customers illeteracy on their operations to steal airtime from them in collaboration with Huawei Tecnologies Ltd Safaricom’s trading partner.”Accidental subscriptions” and fake premium services.Relieve yourself dial *100*5*4#(prepaid) and *200*5*4#(postpaid).

      Depth Of Your Pocket Matters In public services

      For one to acquire EACC clearance you pay 500kshs for not being corrupt.

      For you to acquire Credit Reference Bereau clearance you pay 2200kshs for not having debts or loans with financial institutions.

      HELB clearance you pay 1000kshs for not having arrears.

      Police Clearance Certificate(Certificate of Good Conduct)  you pay 1000kshs and 1050kshs for e-citizen for not being a criminal.