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VIDEO CLIP:Jubilee Moles of Failure.

That time when President Uhuru Kenyatta promised our Children and Siblings Solar powered laptops but instead delivered Tablets.

That time when Deputy President illusioned to transform Village playgrounds into Five International Stadia.

Above all these promises in bought manifesto from Jimmy Wanjigi we Kenyans have been much more dissapointed and the Weapon we have o eradicate these moles of failure is through our votes come August 8.Ignore Party lines and Vote in an incumbent you believe can bring change you need but not an already worn-out Jubilee.


Kenya’s Political Opposition Under NASA Coalition Are True Daredevils And Wiser Expedients After Victory In Appeal Against ¬†Free KMPDU Officials Who Were Jailed.

Whenever someone argues with contradictory remarks that incumbents from the opposition are just opportunistic and not real leaders,makes me believe we aren’t ready for change and needs to review our nation’s history frequently to improve our low Intelligence Quotient(IQ).

Being a diehard of a succumbing horse can’t assure you of a better position in the competition.We have been getting it wrong all along,believing we have 48 ethnic groups in the country untill Mr.President Uhuru Kenyatta the drug-addict approved me right.

The Rich and The Poor are the newly unveiled ethnic groups in Kenya.That shows the indepth of dissatisfaction with the governance of the regime.Governance of Ping-pong ,hide and seek game with the poor Kenyan peasants who now reaps from the world of famine and drought,pathetic health care services,worsened University  Education sector.Underpayment of public servants,unfavourable working environment and inadequate personel have been the Co-authors of tremendous stalemate(CBA) and intolerable status quo in the country (Striking Civil Servants)out of biased leaders to the extent that  have attracted International stakeholders who are indirectly showing instincts of apathy in our Republic of Kenya led by Extrajudicial killers,Drug Lords,Lowesteem opportunists,Lawbreakers.

Health Crisis have  been a wound in a body that unfortunately lacks the biological Blood-clotting process.Almost three months with Doctors on strike,disfunctional public hospitals,over 100 dead peasant-patients due to unaffordable private hospitals.Only a nightmare to low-class citizens which the government care least about.

Cartels Must have engineered the Crisis.Why?

Within this crisis period;poor farmers have sold thousands hactares  tracks of land to these Cartels only to afford required amount for private clinics that are owned by these same Cartels.This is a deliberate,strategic plan by these cartels to accumulate lands of these helpless peasants within adequate time hence making sure disagreement between the two parties surpasses on daily basis.The question is who are these Cartels?

Recently when Health Cabinet Secretary,Dr.Cleopa Mailu was being scrutinized by the senate committee over the prolonged delay in solving  Doctors strike he blamed his PS Nickolas Muraguri who was the team leader appointed to spearhead in the negotiating table attended non but instead wisely misused his juniors to represent him.In a report compiled by COTU Sec.Gen Francis Atwoli who tried to intervene but all were in vain  blamed both the CS and PS who are believed to not getting along ideologically.Muraguri again for the second time is considered an antagonist.

This Muraguri again is unmasked to have been funding and inciting Doctors not to call-off the 74th-day strike again at the expense low-class citizens now becoming landless.The chain seems to long but not untamed,only that the suspect is a friend of the government.

In a fight to restore sanity in the Justice sector for low-class citizens,mindful opposition members and leaders led by the enigma and professor of global politics H.E Raila Odinga  together with three Co-principals( Musalia Mudavadi,Kalonzo Musyoka,Moses Wetangula) in absentia tabled an appeal to free the 7 Doctors Union officials:Dr.Ouma Oluga,Dr.Samuel Oroko,Dr.Titus Ondoro,Dr.Allan Ochanji,Dr.Hamisi Chimanzi,Dr.Daisy Korir and Dr.Evelyne Chege who were charged and sentensed to one month in prison for contempt of court.

    KMPDU officials handcuffed after court            ruling|COURTESY

This draconian decision from a primitive mind of Judge Hellen wasilwa of Labour and Industrial court was the least world expected.All the “CBA7″arrested were taken to seperate Maximum prisons; some men were exported to Kamiti maximum prison,Kajiado prison and some undisclosed while women taken to Langata Women maximum prison.The action brought about outrage from opposition leaders and members sensitizing this was a mechanism applied by former colonialists to  torture slaves or government antagonists while known extrajudicial criminals and thieves “looters” who are prominent leaders in the society are free souls in the streets and willingly defies court orders including arrest warrants.

    Courtesy| Hon.Raila Odinga on the right

Presence of the opposition principal during the appeal session showed a real character,a leader of the people.His history excludes  him from category of vague opportunistic incumbents.This war won seemed to be the opposition project.With Opposition unity;Impossible have become possible,they have demonstrated to the “people” that justice can only be fair when they are given an opportunity to rule.Central government led by Mr.President have been dormant since the genesis of the health crisis forgetting at the end of the day,blame and failure will be on him alone but that isn’t  a big deal to him after all he never care.

Our Vision 2030 Blue-Print Pillar will not be implemented if again we re-elect Incompetent,Uncouth and self-minded leaders.Let’s get out in largest number to exercise our democratic right focusing on our future and vote out visionless ,discombobulated,feeble-minded Jubilee regime of bandwagons and bimbos.

We shouldn’t view electoral process as a useless autocratic government undertaking with hidden agenda but a step that predicts,determines our future.

Get It Right Mr.President Uhuru Kenyatta And First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

Revolution: At first was the struggle for liberation from former colonialists then fight for democracy which uptodate has been the rotating wheel in a country where moles of dictatorship are still present right from the top positions.You have been the aluta continua in the tussle for democracy i believe but because at times “when diplomacy fails,you try millitary”.The slogan have lost its sense and importance,it has always been 60% millitary whenever your decisions are challenged both through constitutional criteria or the other way round that you know better.

Your undertakings and movements have been on the watch but unfortunately not that “the people” care so much for you but about you,the people are smilling in disguise.It’s known allover and i stand to be corrected,in your journey of growth and development,you were never at any point sent home one day to clear-up school fees arears,your father never requested loan from any financial source,you have never bordered a matatu or a bus outside school life,in short poverty to you is history and not a reality. That’s why you always think visiting slums and munching 30,000 Kshs(300$)nyama choma(roasted meat) with few individuals is humility.That wasted amount could have paid for a secondary school day scholar’s fee for two years or pay rent for one resident from the slum for 60 months.

 Few days ago from a reliable news source Standard Group published a body-shivering insights inconjuction with US spy agency the CIA unmasking the secrets of your family 3trillion Kshs illegaly acquired wealth and the story builds up from the reign of your father,the First President of the Republic of Kenya.Reports exposed  much on Mama Ngina Kenyatta with your half sister Margaret Kenyatta who are Ivory and Charcoal smugglers kingpins in Africa.

I believe when British government financed your father’s government in 1963 to buy land from White settlers so as to resettle the landless Kenyans but instead he squandered the funds and accumulated land for selfish interest,you were just some months old and illeterate.

I would say logically,historically and sincerely you are not to blame for all these mess being that you were an innocent inheritor but a biased one of a kind.

Your mum owns 128,000 hactares of land,a heartless being, still IDPs of 2007/2008 post election violence are still confined in a 10 hactare piece of land in the Rift which if were not force your father applied to stop implementation of land law that could limit capacity of land to be owned by an individual she could be more humble today.

It might be a coincident that holders of top positions in your government were appointed or employed with compliance to qualifications needed but evidently  majority members of your cabinet and administration that  you chose are from ‘UTHAMAKI’ nation and secret considerations behind the scenes of their appointment or vetting was; they can’t betray you,they can’t poison you,inshort they are Loyal and they can’t plot to overturn your government as experienced in  nations divided along tribal line.


 1. President -Moi (Kalenjin)2. Attorney GENERAL- Amos Wako (Luhya)
3. Solicitor-General-Benjamin Kubo-Taita
4. CBK Governor – Nahashon Nyaga(Embu)
5. USA Ambassador – Yusuf Nzibo (Taita)
6. Head of Civil Service- Fares Kuindwa- Taita
7. NIS Director- James Kanyotu (kikuyu)
8. Speaker- Francis Ole Kaparo (Masai)
9. Army Commander-Lenges (Samburu)
10. KRA Commissioner-General:
John Msafari- Mijikenda.


 1.President- Uhuru (kikuyu)
2.Attorney General- Githu (kikuyu)
3.Solicitor-General -Njee Muturi (kikuyu)
4.CBK governor – Patrick Njoroge (kikuyu)
5.USA Ambassador- Githae (kikuyu)
6.Head of Civil Service -Kinyua (kikuyu)
7. NIS Director- Philip Wachira(Kikuyu)
8.Speaker- Justin Muturi(Kikuyu)
9.Army Commander- Robert Kariuki (Kikuyu)
10. KRA COMMISSIONER GENERAL -Njiraini (Kikuyu)  

We appreciate your service delivery aim and struggle to all Kenyans.When fighting the opposition you  always forget you are the President of all Kenyan people.

Health Crisis

Without being naive Mr.President,if all Kenyans mysteriously fall sick or maybe bio-terrorism attack acts that only Doctors can prevent and cure, occur today.How would have Amina’s lobbying help?How would have purchase of 25 billion APC MRAP(Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle)armoured personel carriers leased during second phase early January help? How would have 45 billion purchased jet fighters help?

And above all were purchased within Doctors strike period which is still unsolved.

Attempt by the court to sentence the Union incumbents for one month imprisonment have been postpone twice after hearings from both parties but court have never given out guidlines for negotiations.The promised better healthcare renovation has even worsen to be sincere.

The status quo in the country now 6 months to General elections under your regime should have  been the last choice that should have happened.

Beyond Zero Campaign

Ever since the healthcare sector faced wrangles of Doctors and Nurses Unions strike,the industrious Her Excellency the Firstlady Margaret Kenyatta have literally been behind the screen despite her earlier campaign to save lives of 15 expectant mothers who die everyday and children.

Her foundation was innovative and a standing ovation in the world.

It is not an offense to hold a half-marathon campaign race to save lives but it is going to be an offense this time round which was scheduled mid February this year to conduct the campaign not unless funds raised are to be used to settle Doctors CBA demands.

Our mum have gone missing from public eye ever since the genesis of health crisis. Has she become Careless Mr.President?

Amina’s AU bid

     Caption: Left: Firstlady Margaret Kenyatta   Right:Foreign Affairs CS ,Amina Mohammed

It was a joy of victory for African states that needs radical change,outspeaking,standby and alert incumbent not with only negotiation skills in the African Union (AU).

It was an immense pitty that even our immediate neighbours Uganda and Tanzania all from East African Community never voted for your candidate and worst of all 40% support from your home country.
Spending over 1 billion Kshs in lobbying for Amina’s candidature while you have declined to pay Doctors.

Who on earth didn’t know she was your muppet and the decision was for your personal interest.

What you just confirmed to Kenyan Citizens were:

  • You prioritised Amina’s bid than dying citizens in hospitals.
  • You prioritised Amina’s bid than tremendous Kenyans dying of hunger back at home
  • You prioritised Amina’s bid funding than 58th day of Doctor’s strike and 70 dead citizens who couldn’t afford private hospitals.

I would say “A DISGRACE,CARELESSNESS” to be simple and clear.

Mr.President Uhuru Kenyatta,Firstlady Margaret Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto

I Know ICC In And Out-Majority Leader Aden Duale Dares Kalonzo Musyoka.

The late Mark Too’s controversial burial which took place after court dismissed petition which could have delayed his peacefull send off turned on to be a battlefield for political mouthpieces.

99% attendance was from the Jubilee ruling administration with almost one percent opposition attendance by Oburu Odinga.I can imagine how lit it could have been with presence of CORD bigpins.It is ignonimious to discuss about hot fiery political fist fights in a funeral hence many wishes no room for political platforms in their funerals but that is not the language for leaders of today.

After every speaker’s sincere  condolences to the family of late Mark Too,there came this irresponsible,moppet National assembly majority leader Aden Duale.Instead of condoling to the family he went straight to crush on to CORD Co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka who the previous day threatened to bring in ICC(International Criminal Court) over Duale’s audio clip that went viral on social media after violent incitment,ethnic divisive remarks in a secret meeting with his constituent youths(hooligans)

His negotiatons about bribery of area chiefs,OCPD,bail payement for all youths(assailants and goons)whom will be captured during their operation to kick out Kambas from his constituency.

If you missed the clip,i have attached it below.

Duale to Kalonzo

I have been to ICC 39 times,i know all my ways in and out and so you can’t intimidate me.

Duale to Gideon Moi

So there was never harmonise relationship between Duale and Gideon Moi.On serious note Duale spear-headed Moi and spilled beans which from the facial expression of Gideon Moi was bothering indeed.

Even if you fight me through your Newspapers and your Tv stations nitafika tu,one day i will own one and i will fight your son too.

We backed up your father during his campaign,you must now to support Ruto.You are not so special.

I want to tell you Gideon Moi that KANU will not get any seat in Rift Valley as Jubilee will conduct fair elections.

The clip sincerely requires no scientific investigation to be perfomed.It is mediocrity and ignorance from the government of the day.Arrest of these hate speech mongers seems to be a two-way traffic of opposition and ruling regime.

The pangani six were arrested because it was a two -way traffic and that could be the same reason they are delaying the arrest of Duale.And justice delayed is justice denied.I think this is what made Kalonzo to take a step ahead.

This government is not enthusiastic in voice of the people but for their own personal gain.

Likes of Duale should be taking raw beans in Kamiti maximum prison.All the dirty deeds from this regime are endless to narrate in this single article but it will be a story for tomorrow when i Launch My Book.