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List Of Social Media Accounts NCIC Is Hunting For Hate speech Mongering

Facebook users have been identified as the site of Libido for Hate speech with 80% in 233 list.

The list has targeted small fish,worry not the big wigs likes of Moses Kuria,Ferdinand Waititu who NCIC which is puppet to the Government is protecting shall find themselves in International Criminal Court.



Uhuru Kenyatta Marries Second Wife In Gideon Moi.

The political realignment of Moi-Kenyatta dynasties who believes in hereditary leadership seems to be taking shape again,an alarming criteria  to diehards of the current Deputy President William Samoei Arap “Mashamba” Ruto and tantalizing taste to the opposition who prays for nothing other than their downfall at this juncture.

It’s a routine in a polygamous family,partisan allegations frequently erupts caused by delinquencing of one party in favour of the other party which in most cases ends up before Margistrate Court appealing for divorce.Refering to the rampant”courtesy call” meetings between the two families (Moi-Kenyatta)especially during this time and condition of overheating political temperature as just for “family friends check-ups” is trying to twist minds of intelligent Kenyans.This article involves every intelligent mind to spread and save less fortunate family and friends  from surprise following this sirening break-up at the expense of political realignment which might lead to voter apathy to some extent.

Gameplans Against William Ruto

The dominance of the Jubilee deputy party leader who is the Deputy President over the party leader and President of Kenya has not only been a nightmare to the ‘UTHAMAKI’nation but also headache to President’s mother Mama Ngina Kenyatta whom within past four years have been away from limelight.When she appeared,she was heavily coated with International scandle spearheaded by the CIA unmasking her sources of wealth generated from illegal Ivory smuggling and Charcoal dealings.

The two incumbents clinched power out sympthathy and tyranny of numbers from the densely populated Central and Rift regions being that they were victims or rather master minds in the 2007-2008 post-election violence case in International Criminal Court(ICC) and getting into power would atleast console them.They were birds of the same feathers courtesy of ICC case but non-compatible in terms of political ideology for future and governance.

After sigh of relief from the dropped ICC cases,the Chameleon began to camouflage back to its true colours (Moi-Kenyatta hereditary leadership).According to authentic media affiliates and leaked intelligence reports,Uhuru Kenyatta’s campaign consultants are behind bars utilising Ruto’s public tainted image in terms of incompetency to engineer his downfall and be seen as untrustworthy,incorrigible and luckily defect from Uhuru’s Jubilee party.Parting ways with Uhuru makes Uhuru politically irrelevant in the Rift region which is believed to be the strong base of supporters.But to curb political irrelevancy of the son of Jommo he went in search of Gideon Moi an enemy to Ruto,a self -proclaimed Rift Valley kingpin to send a gestured message to Ruto he can still have the support and do without him.Ruto being an automatic successor of Uhuru in 2022 as planned was fallacy according to the status quo.

The identified weakness intended to fight Ruto is of being Corruption guru and tycoon which will promote mistrust.It’s evident after Langata primary school landgrabbing hence the name “Arap Mashamba” by him just to mention a few.

During  2007 General elections,he made sure through thick and thin that Moi dynasty become dormant and irrelevant in the Rift politics which he suceeded after all lost all seats they vied for.But the rise of Gideon Moi’s popularity in the political arena has been a factor of reviving the families of Kenya’s political legends leadership illusions.Lately,Mama Ngina Kenyatta wife to the Late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta whom Daniel Moi was his sucessor gave a courtesy call at Mzee Moi’s residence  in Kabarak,however much they tried not to disclose the discussion from the indoor meeting it was a gesture and mind game message.Its believed that the discussion was about the strategy to be put in place to make sure power revovle just within the two dynasties,maintainance of the goodwill between the two,ordeal of Ruto monopolising her  son Uhuru Kenyatta.Days after,Uhuru and Gideon Moi held a closed door meeting basically concerning the August polls and in a week time KANU led by Gideon Moi announces its support for Uhuru’s re-election.KANU maintained the high standard of political suspence not decided whether to backup the opposition coalition NASA or the ruling party Jubilee but it was least expected to support Jubilee.The situation drastically changed after the two critical family meetings.It is so unfortunate however much former President Daniel Arap Moi isn’t in active politics but he still rules the country indirectly through his puppet Uhuru Kenyatta.

Former President Daniel Arap Moi with Mama Ngina Kenyatta when she paid him a courtesy call at his Kabarak home

Joining of KANU party in support to Uhuru’s re-election has sent shockwaves to Ruto’s supporters among them MCAs, MPs,Senators specifically Kipchumba Murkomen and Governors whom were elected under the dissolved URP party formerly headed by Ruto and have threatened Uhuru to dare neglect his first wife Ruto then they will take appropriate action.The question is what action? Sue him? No.Definately defect.

Below was a message by a bitter supporter Donald B.Kipkorir after decision by KANU to backup Uhuru’s re-election

Daniel Arap Moi-Uhuru Kenyatta political history

 Moi was the prefered sucessor of the late First president Jomo Kenyatta than Oginga Odinga hence he was appointed as the Vice president and later on in 1978 after demise of Jomo he declared himself the new President of the Rupublic of Kenya under the then ruling party KANU.

In 1997, Uhuru Kenyatta won his first elective post as the chairman of KANU party branch at his hometown.A strategic move by Moi to fix him into national politics.In 1997 General Elections Uhuru contested for Gatundu South constituency seat but lost to Moses Mwihia and fortunately in 1999 Moi appointed him to chair a government parastatal(Kenya Tourism Board).

In 2001 when Moi was retiring he was nominated as member of parliament and later  appointed as minister for Local Government and also elected first vice chairperson of KANU nationally.All engineered by Moi.

During 2002 presidential candidate nomination by KANU,Moi influenced Uhuru’s nomination an act of dictatorship.After the polls he was defeated by former President Mwai Kibaki,only managing to garner 31% of the votes.

After all these undemocratic sacrifices by Moi to Uhuru Kenyatta,the appreciatable homage to pay back is to shift power back to Moi family through Gideon Moi in 2022 hence the meetings.

Uhuru has stunt Ruto deliberately by allowing KANU to field candidates in all elective posts in Rift Valley against his own party Jubilee and has promised to make sure Jubilee aspirant vying for Baringo Senatorial seat against Gideon Moi steps down.This would be sidelining Ruto’s plans to bring down Gideon in the Rift politics especially Baringo senatorial seat which he begged residence to vote in a Jubilee party mole.But this is to make sure poltical irrelevancy of William Ruto in the Rift expires.The sooner Ruto defects the better for he will rest his case and fight unlimitedly under nobody’s control but his own.

Gideon Moi and Uhuru Kenyatta respectively

Views expressed in this article are that of JohnBosco Juma and doesn’t represent the stand or position of the blog.Twitter Account for the author is @JohnBosco_Juma.

Are There Double Standards In Respecting The Law Of Kenya?

Tables have been turned upside down in a battle to restore sanity in law courts ever since after controversial 2010 promulgated  new constitution.Adhering to the orders from the court is a clear-cut of effective justice,democracy and conserved human rights under the constitution than “Orders from above” which in rare cases respects the rule of law.

The tragedy in Kenyan government and law courts comes when “Orders from above” are prioritised than Orders mandated under the constitution, an act of politicking.Does it mean top government officials including the President under Executive are above the law and outshines the Independent Judiciary which interpretes and applies the law?

It’s said,when two bulls fight,it’s the grass that suffers.Citizens suffer from justice delayed by the Court and denied by “the orders from above” for biased interests.Highly ranked officials should be the Engineers and leading examples in respecting and applying the rule of law where justice is being denied hence their subjects will automatically follow the suit.The current status quo in the country is alarming and a sign of a nation whereby in the near future Court orders and rule of law will become useless,soon normal citizens will commence or rather be aluta continuas in defying court orders.

What Is Causing The Laxity Of Response to Court Orders?

After establishment of eligibilty of every suspect to bail under the new constitution unless otherwise has promoted malicious offences by the high class families who can afford the bail than low class families who will face imprisonment on failure to comply with the court demand(bail).

Multiple times have court issued arrest warrants against top government officials but non of them have complied with the law,all defying since at long last government led by Attorney General might come to their defence and they will be freed on cash bail.

It’s irritating and pitiful when we talk of “willingfully complying” to a court order,these government muppets have made it a choice and State house has normalised the popping trend.In compliance to a court order there should be no negotiation if it doesn’t violate human rights.

Cash bail act was enforced in a plan to decongest prisons but now is doing us more harm than expected.These specific government officials are lacking decorum being that they are protected by the government and not the law.

Since 2013,the reign of Uhuru Kenyatta the opportunist have been governed by Capitalists agenda which neglects the low class peasant and have worsened the state of economy through looting of public funds.Borrowing huge debts from International financial sources and making trillion worth in international deals at the expense of “just surviving”2.3 million citizens especially in marginalised areas who are now affected by the ongoing drought crisis.Drought mitigation agencies only require 4 billion Kshs  which government is “lacking” but foreign CS is making International deals worth hundreds of billions.Therefore we are in thy need of Diversified leaders who are able to balance between Communism and Capitalism.

Mandate the constitution gives the Legislature is toammend laws has graduated to manipulation of the constitution in their favour anytime  being the stakeholder in laxity.This is evident since currently Legislators from the ruling government (Jubilee) because of ‘tyranny of numbers’ phenomenon have tabled a motion more of a referendum to minimize the limit of the Judiciary.


On 22nd January 2014, the government sent Kenya Forest Service (KFS) guards along with Kenya police to forcefully evict Sengwer residents living in Embobut Forest in Cherangany hills believed to be their ancestral home by torching down  to ashes their homesteads.This move defied earlier order by the Eldoret High court to stop the move as is not only violates International Human Rights but also our constitution under article 63(d) which recognizes rights for communities to be in posession of traditional ancestral lands.Orders  from the above were priotised than constitution .

On August 14th 2015,Mombasa Chief Magistrate Julias Nang’ea  issued an arrest warrant against Interior CS Joseph Nkaiserry together with  Chief of Defense Forces General Joseph Mwathethe and Coast Regional Coordinator Nelson Marwa whom disobeyed court orders by doing away with Iris yatch that was impounded in Kilifi Mnarani boat yard shelling 7,200 grammes heroin  worth Kshs 22 million hence was a crucial exhibit in the Narcotics case against the suspects and was under court custody.

Interior CS,Joseph Nkaissery

 This was a serious case and the ship was an  exhibit in the court custody.TheDirector of Public Prosecution (DPP) should undertake the prosecution of those who torched the yatch-Said Nang’ea

Hours later in a statement made by Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI),it was confirmed that the ship remains were missing.The question remains why?

In a span of 8 months after first arrest warrant was issued against Interior Permanent Secretary Karanja Kibicho by High Court Judge George Odunga in 2016 after defying court order for compensating  a torture victim hence contempt of court.A second arrest warrant was issued again and detention of three months in jail but uptodate he is still a free soul in a nation claiming to be mercilessly dealing on corruption,equality,democracy and genuine on constitution to the latter.

PS,Karanja Kibicho

 Kibicho was involved in a case where Michael Mahugu sued Ministry of Interior for 350,000 Kshs compensation in the first round of court order after he was illegally detained and tortured in 1987.In the second case of contempting court orders,Mahugu was to be paid 2.6 million.Luckily enough but dishonestly,Attoney General came to Kibicho’s defense claiming that his office was dissatisfied by Judge Odunga’s judgement to jail Kibicho for 3 months.The directive was given to Inspector General of police Joseph Boinnet who ignored uptodate.

AG,Githu Muigai

Previous year 2016, Director of Criminal Investigations(CID) Muhoro Ndegwa  recieved an arrest warrant over contempt of court after he failed present an investigation report before High Court Judge Isaac Lenaola on Nairobi Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director Philip Gichuki’s Employment contract but nothing was done and still a free man.The dilema was,who could make the move to arrest the CID Boss.

CID Boss,Muhoro Ndegwa

When Court of Appeal ordered the government to pay teachers 50-60% salary increament as per their right,President Uhuru Kenyatta came out for a press conference at the state house to rubbish the court orders.

There comes a time when we should take law into our hands to protect our constitution from hypocrytes led by the Head of State.Whenever activists of human rights comes to limelight to condemn the injustices,they  instead face arbitrary arrest and detention,restricted from media and assembly freedom.

Arbitrary arrest or detention on citizens and implanting fake servere offences than they had committed has been the newest wrinkle.The Judiciary have become a liability and nomore an asset to government.

BABA:RAILA ODINGA Should Instead Vie For International Positions And Leave Local Politics To The Youths

Dear Raila Amollo Odinga [RAO],

You have been the spearhead of political reforms in Eastern Africa,high-octane Pan-Africanist whose competence and caliber stretches beyond boundaries and overseas but incompetent,biased Kenyan politicians from the ruling government doesn’t assign you such profile but instead prays for your retirement and assasination.

Ironically majority of world power nations scrambles for you and believes you are the best than the current weed-smoker Mr.President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Hullabaloo,divisive politics have never been your game.Your enthusiasm in democracy has too been felt across borders and adhered to though the road might have been bumpy. 

You have been the authentic one man army,a living Legend and a walking martyr.The games you do encounter on local politics is decrediting your potential and talent.I’m not against your Presidential bid but i think you deserve more,a better position in the International arena and give for once the youths a chance to dwell in local politics to make Kenya Great Again as you Make World Great Again.

Why I think You Can Make It In the International Class

On December 2,2011 amongst all African dignitaries you were chosen by the head of African Union Commission Jean Ping  to lead a delegation to mediate Ivory Coast’s political crisis after the then outgoing president Laurent Gbabgo refused to cede power.Him together with the winner Alassane Ouattara both claimed victorious after presidential runoff.

The crisis had worsened with over 200 dead and 14,000 forced to flee to neighbouring countries to seek refuge.The nation was divided along ethno-religious lines between Muslim North and Christian South.

You recommended for forceful removal of Gbagbo from office which went through even after talks collapsed.Gbagbo is now a customer of International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges for violation against humanity.

Your Presidency bids has always made Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni wet his pants.He views you as fearless,straightforward politician that can threaten his Cachet in the East African region.

Heavy security details given to you in all foreign lands has been confusing as to who is the King between you and the weed-smoker Uhuru Kenyatta who is welcomed by factotums from Kenyan Embassy when in a foreign states visit.

Previously Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time in Africa history gave you a threatening security for escort including a KNIGHT XV Van believed as most powerful after the BEAST said to withstand 70 grenade attacks and able to run a 1000km distance on flat tyre for escort.

World is shaken and Keeps on wondering.

On March 22,2016 when you arrived at TAMBO International Airport your heavily armed contingent of 15 Russian bodyguards from Zaslon Elite Commando Unit of the Russian Army compared to  US Rangers  left majority toungue -tied whether it was a SuperPower house leader which i don’t think they were mistaken.

Your security was the third heaviest VIP protection in Africa after Robert Mugabe and Al-Sisi of Egypt.

Your grandiloquence,adroitness,humility in leadership and political resilience ,the Israel Philosophers Association in collaboration with the government is looking forward to name a Millitary and Nuclear Enginering University after your name.

It’s observable that Russia,Israel,USA,Turkey,UK,Germany,India,Indonesa world superpowers are fighting not to break the bond made with you.

You are the Cinderella,the Mighty One.

You were the only African incumbent that the controversial US President Donald J Trump is in solidarity with and believes you are the right man for Top Kenyan job.

Last year 2016 the then Democratic Presidential Candidate,Hillary Clinton during her Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia recognized your presence admitting she had learnt alot from you.She reffered to you as Enigma and  Proffesor of Global Politics.She went ahead and offered you a gift of thanks-Public Address system fitted in 5 bullet proof trucks which has collection of 62 powerful 3000W in-built tweeters and motable for 2017 campaigns.

The system’s stereo power makes it audible even 50km away and is fitted with advanced capacitor that can deliberately halt any jumbo electronic device within same radii of 50km away and render them completely.

According Alpine Armoring Director Wallace Gregory you were the First in Africa and no one has ever afforded it.

After three times of Presidency attempt you might have been demoralised at times.You are forever Kenyan.You have to move beyond boundaries and reclaim your rightful position and still your fight for democracy will soldier on.Nothing much will be lost at home.You are the World Class leader. 

If time allows vie for UN chief seat.

You have been a War Mediator,African Greatest Orator,Lecturer,a Cabinet Minister,a Prisoner for Justice and Democracy sake.World Power houses are fighting for you.You will be the World Moderator,Diplomat and Advocate,Civil Servant and CEO.

UN is 193 member state which i believe you have half the Support and Trust.

You are the REAL DEAL!

This Is Why Odinga-Kenyatta-Joho-Moi Dynasties and Many Other More Families of Political BigWigs Vying For Political Seats Shouldn’t Be An Headache.

The campaigns antagonizing one-family political dominance more of hereditary leadership has been of more concern to new political aspirants whom have publicized their contest bids but have one worry of automatically loosing(liability) in party ticket nominations in primaries to their opponents whom might have absolute meagerly development track record but have the recognizable Surname or blood-ties.In this game your name betrays you but your blood-tie or shared Surname to the Top banana secures you a  chance of clinching the flag.

To elaborate my statement much better i’ll use letter A and B for reference.My conscience convinces me it’s never logical to boycott or fight against a potential incumbent(A)  as a result  of his/her Surname or background (From kingpin dynasty)but the self proclaimed “voters choice” (B)who bribed or rather convinced voters not to vote for the opponent[A] since he/she thinks power don’t belong to their family only(A) but augmentatively has zero track record and much less to offer to the people.There comes symphathy voting where the beneficiaries like [B] will never reign without people chanting for his/her impeachment.It’s always deplorable.

Prior to appathizing  with a candidate from the dynasty ask yourself:

  • Don’t they have the potential to lead?
  • Do they lack the qualities?
  • Don’t they personally have development track record?
  • Are you biased?-Definately YES

It’s not about who they are or where they come from for that matter but what can they deliver,what have they delivered.Whenever your mindset is intruded with symphathy voting illness you are doomed.Why vote out a potential incumbent for one or two vague reasons especially because of background.

That has solely been Kenya-Politico campaigns as General elections nears.There has been a controversial debate on what is termed  as “successors” tendency.Jaramogi Oginga Odinga(First vice president of Kenya)-Odinga Dynsasty,Jomo Kenyatta(First president of Kenya)-Kenyatta Dynasty,Daniel Arap Moi(Second president of Kenya)-Moi Dynasty,Joho(Mombasa county businessmen and politicians)-Joho’s Dynasty

Johos Dynasty

About Johos dynasty is still an immature grass on fertile soil.Rising up to limelight.The country wide public figure is the Mombasa Governor HE.Hassan Ali Joho aka 001 and deputy party leader of Orange Democratic Movement(ODM).

A pinch of people are aware of Johos  dynasty but Coast residents are in dilema and now calling for intervention of Hassan Ali Joho aka 001 since his brother  Said Salim aka Saido is eyeing for Nyali constituency seat to be the next Member of Parliament and at the same location controversial Investigative journalist  of popular Jichopevu program Moha is in the game.They are both contesting for ODM Party nominations where Said Salim Joho aka Saido’s brother HE.Hassan Ali Joho is the Deputy party leader.

 This is a threat to the party members from the Coastal region being a stronghold for ODM party,votes might be split depending on the criteria used but party nominations contest which are expected soon will determine the flagbearer.It will be a do or die situation.

A free and fair nominations doesn’t consider the Surname or family background but potential.If Saido has the potential over Moha then let Saido be the flagbearer or vice versa without contradictory remarks and campaign of dynasty.

Odinga Dynasty

Odinga dynasty has been the most controversial under Kenya political umbrella.

This man the Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya Raila Amollo Odinga (RAO) who is the son of the late Oginga Odinga   a firm opposition leader since Kenyatta,Moi governments until he passed on in 1994 with his son.

His political profile and journey in fight for freedom,democracy and devolution in Kenya is known worldwide.I would have not adulated him so much but the history and sacrifice he has made for this nation applaudes for him much more.

This is a man who has won Nobel prizes from hearts of  majority.He has contested three times for presidency but has been always denied in broad-daylight.

In 1982 he was put under house arrest for seven months  due to attempt coup in Moi government which he was later charged with treason and detained for six years without court trial.

In 1988 after being released in February he was re-arrested in September 1988 again when he was  campaigning against immensed poor governance  in Moi government and against single -party system and aimed for Multy-party system.He was released in June 1989 and again apprehended in 1990 together with Kenneth Matiba and former Nairobi Mayor Charles Rubia for fighting for Multi-partism and was finally released on June 1991.

 Today we are a multi-party state,we have a devolved government and atleast a democratic state.  Should this man be denied power because he was a sucessor of Odinga? Should his brother Oburu Odinga be denied power because of his Surname? Should Raila’s daughter Rosemary be denied ODM party nomination since she is from Odinga dynasty?  Should Raila’s relatives be denied power since they are related? 

That’s being so mean.

Coming out of that cocoon state should be a walk in the park.The questions should be, do they have the potential,are they ethusiastic?

 Moi Dynasty

 In 2007 General elections in the Rift Valley region,homeground for former president Daniel Arap Moi whose sons “sucessors” Gideon Moi ,Raymond Moi and Jonathan Moi lost parliamentary elections not that they lacked the potential or qualities but because voters believed the dynasty being built is becoming selfish.

In 2013 after residents comtemplating Gideon Moi’s potential and qualities  he secured senatorial seat for Baringo County.All that people need from incumbents is development which is diversified.

Kenyatta Dynasty

The story line is more of the same like other dynasties i have tackled above.

    Caption| Top left:Daniel Arap Moi,Top right:Jaramogi Oginga Odinga,Below left: Jomo Kenyatta,Below Right:Hassan Ali Joho

Is Uhuru Kenyatta Upto It? Mechanisms African Presidents Have Been Applying Not Quit power

How African leaders evacuate out of power

Constitution is the only lethal weapon that citizens in opposition of a partisan state secures themselves with.Democracy in Africa is still a rolling wheel.

The leaders who catylised the liberation of Africa from colonial power majority have uptodate declined to vamoose power.An incumbent  can willingly jeorpadise a country into pandemonium just to secure his/her position and demand for much more time to dictate due to biasness and ‘The big man’ syndrome.

Exit of African leaders from power has been categorised into two:

  • Normal means
  • Abnormal means

Normal means have been through Voluntary resignation,Natural death and Loosing an election.Abnormal means have been through Civil wars(coup) and Assasination.

Research shows three quarter of Incumbents who left power in the 1990s-1970s was through coup,assasination or violent overthrow but apparently wheeled by Constitutional term limits.

Before 1990 when Term limit law came to effect,African leaders exit power at their pleasure,at a time but now at a time and way dictated by the constitutional rules.

Elections in Africa have lost importance by leaders overturning constitutional limits on their favour.

The Mechanisms

Africa shouldn’t be a terror threat target but it is today because they have been self- induced.

Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC ) is at war by herself.Democracy can’t be prevailed where the leaders themselves are anti-democrats.The ongoing crisis is attempted coup to remove President Joseph Kabila out power whose term was to end 2016 last year and elections to be held in November last year.He decided to manipulate the constitution and rescheduled election to 2018 for ‘logistical’ reasons.5.4 million people have lost their lives in this civil war since 1998.

In Burundi Pierre Nkurunziza caused attempted coup recently when the opposition took action upon themselves to defend the law.Tricks by him to manipulate the constitution in his favour to re-run for third term after claiming that 90% of the population supports his bid and governance.

He argues that he was elected by parliament in his first time and not by the people and in line for a second directly elected term.

In 2006 Yoweri Museveni changed the constitution to lift his presidential term limit.A campaign that was done on his behalf by Cabinet ministers,MPs,District leaders.

Last year 2016 Paul Kagame also change the constitution in claim of responding to the voice of the people,a decision which caused unrest and instability from opposition and economy respectively.

In 2001 Zambia’s President Chiloba attempted to manipulate the constitution for the same selfish reason but was halted by Civil society who held a massive campaign against his decision.

Congo Brazzaville,Dennis Sassou Nguesso announced carrying out of referendum to change constitution to allow him run for the third term.

“People don’t want change,tyranny of numbers” is an argument popular with dictators-Prof Ndulo

Excuses for term limit extention

Museveni,”The only one whose language is understood in Washington where Uganda gets funds to promote rural electrification”

Pierre Nkurunziza,”First time i was elected by parliament and not by the people”

Paul Kagame, “Responding the call of the people”

Power-hungry addicts manipulating the law to suit specific personalities by power lies on the hands of the people.

They create partisan public service bodies and arms.

What might the reasons for these dramas?

  • Lack of Constitutional change.A number of currently serving presidents are ‘Independence leaders’ or hereditary leaders.
  • Unclear position or state at which when a president retire they will be in.Some might be belittled or dealt by the law when they used to own the law.These worries are possible causal reasons for clinging to power.

The mechanism all along has been manipulation of the constitution.A bill should be supported by all the people not few individuals and in favour of the people.Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law election laws bill unsupported by the people but just a few because of “Tyranny of numbers.” Misusing of Security forces to intimidate critics has too been his norm.It’s only 7 months to August General Elections,i don’t see him making a U-turn from his  downplays.

The plot and synopsis of this act perfectly fits in line with the maneuvers used by the current African Dictators.

CORD’s Mass Action Over Election Laws Will Be A Trap By ICC And A Clear-Cut Of Pre and Post-Election Violence.

The discontentment the opposition now under NASA umbrella have concerning approved election laws which was signed into law by Uhuru Kenyatta is again impeling them into mobilising supporters to take their plea to streets. 

       NASA principals

When the announcement was made by FORD-Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula during NASA ‘launch’ urging Interior CS Nkaissery to stock more teargas and anti-riot weapons to meet on streets soon was a total mockery,good strategy though but at wrong time.If anti-IEBC protests suceeded,atleast introduce a new strategy.

Some of those that surround Raila are thin and thick minded.There are over 3,000,000  ‘decided’ voters from the Rift Valley , Central region  and some other jubilee strongholds who are hanging loose.The simple reason for this decided voters is after the fulfillment of prophecy and unmasking of tunnel of death.There is now water shortage in the country,water rationing in Nairobi from January 1st upto April and various parts of Central region.These people have recieved non of what they expected but lies from the King of footbridges,concrete and bricks son of Jomo.These people have faced the full wrath of unemployment,landgrabbing,assasination of threatening rivals from their backgrounds.All these people have lost hope in the governing administration. 

Rift valley politics is no   more one-man show.Its evident in a number of occasions when the region’s kingpins take on the William Ruto the’landgrabber’ who camouflaged after mercy from ICC.Ever since the opposition in the region have moved miles and here comes the “tyrany of numbers” phenomenon which now is not a priority and infact no more this round.

But thats not the issue.This advisors within CORD maybe ‘special committee members’ pressurising for mass action with only 7 months to August 8 General election is just empty-headness.Even after they would have ensured targeted millions of voters register they(voters) still can be easily swayed with all manner of deeds,only votes cast on the D-day counts.These over 3 million hanging voters will all be squandered during the period “peacefull mass action” will be on diplomatically by the competitor.

Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi stated and which i agree with,politics is a game of the geneous with high-octane strategic plans.Contraversial election laws were certainly for personal interest and sort of trap for Raila Odinga, ICC tit -for -tat game.

In his mind the son of Jomo, knew this law will be a blow to Raila and if the August elections are conducted with this law in place and the opposition is defeated the “Mass action” temperemant will erupt then nationwide action which eventually lead to war,bloodshed.Remember we have not yet quit out of ICC as a member state. Raila has been rubbishing attempt by the government to withdraw its membership.If Raila is not careful,he will fall in his own trap.

Likes of Wetangula should hold on their stench breadth.Sorry,maybe he might have just meant something else but how does that goon with low IQ interprete that.They just don’t need Mass action this year but 60+1 percent votes to get a clear win sheet.

They might have interest of the nation at fore front but we shouldn’t be clients to ICC.