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BIO-TERRORISM ALERT! With Video Footage,Fake “Plastic Rice” Being Imported Into Africa As Rice Demand Rises.

On 22nd December,102 sacks of ‘plastic rice’ equivalent to 2.5tonnes were confiscated in Nigeria by National Agency for Foods and Drugs (NAFDAC) but the Health minister Isaac Adewole was speaking different language condemning tests carried out by the Agency  lack evidence of plastic materials according to BBC reports.

This act originated from Taiyuan,Shaanxi province China as usual.Resin,a sticky organic substance extracted from trees and some plants are abundant in Taiyuan.

This fake rice is made by mixing varities of potatoes with industrial synthetic Resin into shapefull rice grains extremely toxic for human consumption. Which thereafter before boiling appears just like normal rice but after boiling it’s sticky and gummy than usual.

The bitter part is,after it was detected in Asia the cartels still  found their way through to Africa and the smuggling continues.Bags of rice are distributed for charity supports,christmass gifts and in most African Nations it’s a stable food.

Suspected Brand

102 sacks rice impounded each containing 25kgs were branded  Best Tomato Rice.

It might not only be that brand that you should take caution,after all its just a brand.Every brand is a threat.

How do you know fake rice?

After laboratory test by Nafdac.Here are some hints to know whether your rice is real or fake ‘plastic’

  • When burnt produces flame and a dour smell.
  • After boiling it sticks at the bottom of the pan and its gum-like.
  • When dipped in hot cooking oil they melt or sticks in.
  • When dipped in water they float unlike real ones that sinks.
  • When crushed either in mortar and pestle or any other means it has discolouration.

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