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YOUTHS:Be Cautious Of Your Conduct Today In Grassroot And Social Media,They Will Build or Destroy You Tomorrow.

The worst illeterate is the political illiterate.He hears nothing,sees nothing,takes no part in political life.He doesn’t seem to know that cost of living,cost of floor,of beans and of medicine all depend on political decisions.He even pride himself on political ignorance.Sticks out his chest and say he hates politics.He doesn’t know,the imbecile, that from his political non-participation  comes the prostitutes,the abandoned child,the robber and,worst of all the corrupt incumbents and the lackeys of exploitative multinational corporations.-BERTOLT BRETCH.

The present day’s culminating young ladies and gentlemen tend to have two dreams for commercial purposes;Be a business tycoon or join political umbrella.Once in a bluemoon ladies show interest in politics with no persuasive reason consigning to oblivion that politics plays 50% in their survival under planet earth.

Human being are prone to be emotionional and whenever we become over-emotional we believe the only consultant to share our afflictions with is social media platform.The question and the point of concern is the content you share.The repercusions later on are always unbearable.That one very post can cost you your job or acquire you an employment,can bring about your demise,can secure you promotion to the top most position on hierachy.

Emotionally updating your status on social media is not the best antidote against your status quo.You get blinded,in there, are your enemies and mutual friends,followers and those you follow who wants the best and worst from you and to you.It will be a lethal weapon to your enemies in the ring to punch back at you and roast you dry.I suggest you think and re-think  prior to writting than erasing after writting or deleting after posting.

Who are these enemies? Doing away with your ‘trash’ after circulating won’t cover up much as you might have expected.Immediately you update your status all your friends get notified and if they happen to be online they screenshot,share,retweet and download in their phone for backup.You won’t get away with the wrath  easily.

Now First Lady Of The United States(FLOTUS) Melania Trump happened to be a model and a video vixen for commercial purpose or maybe passion whose nude pictures went viral on the internet even after she deleted her accounts.The respect  her position  deserves now is faded away.Models reputation has always been smeared with dirt,’sex pets’.

In Kenya,scandals are the order of the day.Media groups scandals,murder scandals,political scandals,corporates scandals and so on.”You did” catchphrase in political scandals is the arsenal.Media terror by bloggers who are sponsored by cartels to catalyse  your downfall will be merciless if they happen track down your grassroot misconducts.You will be an hypocrite.

Some years back former MD of Mumias Sugar Company now Governor of Nairobi County Dr.Evans Kidero was being alleged to have caused downfall of the company after looting all finances but the allegations were unsubstantiated hence was cleared not guilty as charged by the court.The “You did” catchphrase.Mr.President Uhuru Kenyatta during 2013 pesidential debate was on hot seat after he was accused of “landgrabbing” acts of 1963-1978 when his father the First President of Kenya was in power.The”You did” catchphrase.

Youths have all the time and all means it takes to clear up all the mess,start afresh and repent if possible.CVs today are not considered so much in papers you submit,them being masked but a survey is done on your social media accounts,figuring out your real picture hence where your CV is extracted from.

The previous year,Kenya Airports Authority(KAA) employee by the name Ken Wa Mwangi got the huff of Kenyans on social media when he went ahead to sexually mock young girls,an act which he claimed he was ‘just being hilarious’.The fire ignited was unextinguishable hence caused intervention of the board of management.Everyone was calling for his immediate arrest.

Below was the post

The message was immoral.This ‘hilarious’ post cost him his job contract.The image of Ken wa Mwangi is tainted from public interest.His dreams now invalid.

When Kenya Films and Classification Board(KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua did what i would say being ‘over-emotional’ bragging about his Diplomatic passport which he acquired on February 2013 while working under ministry of foreign affairs.

According to policy and constitution of Immigration department it was illegal for him to be in possession of the diplomatic passport since he was nolonger an employee under the ministry.That post became tragedy to him after, as he had to surrender it back.Below is what he captioned..

     Someone wrote in local daily that i will            never be issued with a visa to the US                   because of my stand on moral values                against LGBT and atheists culture in                   Kenya.Well, i did not only get it but it               came with diplomatic passport and i                 didn’t even have to go to the Embassy for      biometrics or paying for application fee.          USA here i come.See you.

Be careful.


Indians Congenital Malformations.Is It Curse From gods and goddess?Get To Know The Truth Here.

Ever since i got interest and because Unity is my aim and strength against obstacles but when abscinded we fall ,i decided to join social media specifically facebook at first being the largest interaction platform to all people from all walks of life.

Because of enthusiasm in positive and development discussions,i spontaneously began to join groups and liking pages not hapharzadly but carefully especially religious,political groups and pages.

Everytime uptodate whenever i log in scrolling through my timeline,posts in groups and pages are always filled with images  of our own sons and daughters either crippled or conjoined and with other various body abnormalities captioned “please give him/her 1000+ likes  and pray for him/her,please share this and type Amen and if you worship satan keep on scrolling” The similarities in all the images are;almost all are of Indians.

Questions many might be asking including myself,”Are these curses from the gods and goddess? “or “Are we making fun of the disabled?

Here Is The Answer.

India has tremendous religions and remember census shows that India population is a sixth of the world population.

  • Hinduism –80%
  • Islam-14%
  • Christianity-2.3%
  • Sikhism-1.7%
  • Budhism-0.4%
  • Jainism-0.4%
  • Others-0.7%
  • Not stated-0.2%

        The genesis of these malformations mostly in Indian citizens should not be addressed as a curse from the gods and goddess,these are genetic disorders that resulted from nuclear war.

        High prevalance of genetic diseases and mutations began majorly after Pokhran Nuclear Test which have also caused cancer and not sidelining Consanguineous marriage which is categorised according to ethnic groups due to migration from Africa,Middle -East and West Asia,Southern China and South- East Asia has contributed to the genetic diversity of the country.

        On May 19,1974 India carried out its first Nuclear test in Loharki village whereby 2000 residents were alerted and warned that the test would cause skin and eyes irritation the next day but would later normalise.Survivor narrates that the residents were regarded as matrys since collateral damage was expected including human health was at stake due to harmful radiation.

        Forty years later,the repurcusions have long since been felt with cancer threats and genetic disorders.With 2000 people who had been affected,now high rate in India’s population today are affected due to Intermarriages which has been mode of transmission uptodate.

        Below was a census report showing figures of affected infants born annualy.

        1. 495,000 infants with congenital malformations.
        2. 390,000 infants with G6PD deficiency
        3. 21,400 infants with Down syndrome
        4. 9,000 infants with B-thalassaemia
        5. 5,200 infants with Sickle cell
        6. 9,760 infants with Amino acid disorders

        Biological causes

        Even relatively exposure to these radiations causes genetic disorder hence body abnormalities as revealed by polymarphisms in nuclear and mitochondrial DNA.

        Stages in Nuclear effect

        From 1-9 weeks is the Initial stage.Here 90% are affected due to thermal or blast effect injuries and 10% due to harmful radiation exposure.

        From 10-12 weeks is the intermediate stage deaths from ionizing radiation occurs.

        From 13-20 weeks is the late period where victim’s state normalises.

        From 20+ weeks is the delayed period.Individuals whom were exposed to few 100-1000 millisieverts of radiation experiences:

        • Infertility
        • Sub-fertility
        • Blood disorders

        Other Effects of Nuclear radiation

        Effects of these radiations depends on radiation dosage absorbed by the body.

        • Intense exposure to radioactive material at 1,000-5,000 rems would cause instant damage to small blood vessels and probably heart failure and death.
        • 100 rem exposure reducts blood’s lymphocyte cell count which might persist upto 10yrs and long-term risk of leukemia and lymphoma.
        • Thyroid gland being susceptible to radioactive iodine which destroys all parts.

        Crossing Borders For”Greener Pasture”Temperament Is Causing Kenyan Families And Friends Rot In Foreign Jail Terms.

        “You want to be someone well-off?  Find your way through to diaspora,you are assured of well-paying jobs” that’s the mindset of majority fed up with low salary or totally jobless.But how many returns safe and sound,untarnished without offence?

        Prison Transfer Agreement Act 2015 which came to effect on 12,October in Kenya was to help in transfer of personalities serving sentences for criminal offences within or outside the country and ensuring that prisoners are accorded basic respect in line with Human Rights and International Conventions.

        That agreement is only applied where two states have signed an Agreement and treaties.

        According to the AG Proff Muigai the agreement act is to allow the inmates to serve their sentences within the community and in his estimation,about 3000 kenyans are serving jail terms foreign states.

        South Sudan

        Being the youngest country in Africa after attaining independence in 2011 from Sudan has sentenced 4 Kenyan Citizens life imprisonment over unclear accusations and charges.

        Anthony Mwadime 31, whose family live in Ngong Kajiado County have been helpless after trying left,right and centre but ends of justice haven’t met.He was among the four sentenced to life imprisonment.

        Anthony Keya Munialo,once a resident of Jericho estate in Nairobi left the country leaving his wife behind after the itching whip of life stroke him to fetch for greener pasture which turned out being tragedy.

        Boniface Muriuki,Ravi Ramesh being in the batallion.According to reports,they (4) were held hostage for 40 days at a millitary intelligence camp and their families were only allowed 5 minutes of interaction after which they were whisked away.With the unfavourable condition in cells and within a period of six months,they were not easily identical according to their families reports.

        Court Process

        Ravi Ramesh’s sister narrated how their Lawyer was threatened at gunpoint infront of the judge to drop the case.

        Legal justice presentation never prevailed and court nevertheless found them guilty of stealing equivalent 1.4billion Kshs from South Sudan government hence sentencing them to life imprisonment.

        Intervention of Foreign affairs Cs Amina Muhammed beared no fruit,all in vain even after stating it was illegal detention and that she was using diplomatic chain to bring them back.

        KenyaSouth Sudan Prisoner Transfer Agreement and Treaties haven’t been initiated according to reports because if it were,the detained would have already been transfered back home.

        Away from S.Sudan

        Massive numbers of citizens have been down played especially by drug cartels without their knowledge.

        Dignitaries advices that there is no shortcut to acquire wealth,you must sweat for it and if asked the source you can support yourself like in an audit report.

        Earlier previous year 40 Kenyans were detained in Hong Kong over drug dealing accusations contrary to what their families  said they went on a mission to campaign aginst drug use and smuggling led by unidentified Priest.

        In Kenya,make your way through to political arena and make millions on daily basis through mischevious means but you won’t be detained for stealing public fund that belong to peasant tax -payer.

        Rate of conning and job scums are on rise in Kenya led by vague persons and we should genuinly blame our IQ if they are low because when someone talks about “Abroad” we fill like we are matching to heaven.Flying on air is news and moment of a kind to us.

        Routine of paying “Non-refundable” has become rampant in association with Job scums.What are these scums? According to my undestanding,links sent to you in social media requiring one to click to be directed so that you earn 1000$ orĀ£ is an example.

        Back to math now,Kenya has a population of over 40 million according to last concensus.If job opportunity is advertised and estimately 10 million apply due to high rise of unemployment and each pays “The Non-refundable fee” of 1000 Kshs like many employers would do and at the end of the day only 100 people get employed.Where does the remaining 9,999,900,000 billion Kshs goes?  Be cautious.