ANC Party Leader Hon.Musalia Mudavadi making his speech during Unveiling of NASA Flagbearer at UHURU PARK

Ladies and Gentlemen, Wana NASA, Wakenya na wageni watabaka mbalimbali.It’s been a short but fulfilling journey. A year ago this time, I was the only one talking NASA. Now the whole country is singing NASA and indeed the whole world knows about NASA.
I am therefore a proud Kenyan NASArite today. This is because Phase One of the objective of NASA to form a united opposition movement has been achieved.
We have come together as political parties; civil society; religious, student, youth and women organisations; trade unions and business communities under the NASA umbrella to take back our country.
Fellow Kenyans;
When I formed NASA, I never had ME in mind. I had WE in mind. I had You in mind. I had US in mind. And finally I had KENYA in mind.
The NASA I have in mind is the one that will nab mediocrity, dishonesty, and arrest thieves of public resources. I see a NASA of good governance that will frown on impunity by leaders. It is a NASA that will restore decency and humility as social and governance virtues.
This is a NASA that will put Kenya firmly back on the route to prosperity as the country’s founding vision intended. It is a NASA that will ensure we never suffer from hunger and disease due to delayed rains; it is a NASA that will make adequate plans for irrigation for food crops and pasture for our animals.
It is a NASA that will create an attractive investment environment that creates jobs for our youth. It is NASA that will modernise our education system, and provide technological and scientific solutions to our quests. A NASA that invests in research so that Kenyans can conquer the skies and oceans, and explore the bosom of the earth to create wealth.
Ladies and gentlemen,
My dream of NASA wasn’t about ME but about this team here, YOU here, and YOU out there listening onradio and watching television at home and abroad. My dream is about Kenya. For this reason, I invite you my fellow countrymen and urge YOU to join me in realising NASA for yourselves and the unborn generations to come.
We will today announce a team that will lead Kenyans in the achievement of Phase Two of NASA objective – to remove the abhorrent Jubilee regime from power in the August elections. 
Before you is a team that will stop the current regime hell-bent on mortgaging our country,and our future through reckless borrowing to feed an insatiable appetite of sheer theft.
This team is not about who had the ball first. It does not matter I had the ball but I have passed it to a team member at a vantage point to score. We do have a date with destiny and therefore let us all brace for celebration after August 8th. 
Upon formation of NASA, we set out in the coalition agreement to pursue;
a) National reconciliation and healing;
b) Resolving all historical injustices;
c) Strengthening devolved governance including transfer of more functions and resources to the County Governments;
d) Transforming Government from master to servant of the people;
e) Realising the equality principles and goals entrenched in Article 27 of the Constitution, through programs to achieve equal treatment of women, youth, and persons with disability, marginalised communities and groups in the political, economic, cultural and social spheres.
f) Realizing social and economic rights as enshrined in Article 43 of the Constitution;
g) Eradicating poverty and unemployment.
We did not form NASA for specific persons to ascend to power. NASA carries the aspirations of Kenyans to live in peace and unity. We intend to build a just and prosperous country. Our vow has been to put Kenya first ahead of our personal, political party or ethnic interests.
Our motto has been ‘Kenya Kwanza’. We therefore have sacrificed personal ambitions for the sake of NASA unity and the liberation of the country. I therefore ask our supporters and every Kenyan to give NASA a little of themselves for the sake of all of us. We must all give meaning to Kenya Kwanza.
We therefore unveil a collegiate decision-making leadership where individuals only play roles and carry responsibilities not for personal gain but for the good of all Kenyans. A collegiate leadership under Article 152 of the Constitution and as required of a coalition under Third Schedule of the Political Parties Act means;
a) All NASA partners are equal and one plays the role of the first among equals
b) All decisions shall be made in consultation and concurrence of partner parties, beginning with formation of government.
c) Composition of the national Executive shall reflect regional and ethnic diversity of the people of Kenya as required by Article 130 of the constitution.
Fellow Kenyans
This is what we mean by transforming Government from master to servant of the people. Every face of Kenyan people shall be reflected in a NASA government.
I am confident in my team players. Victory is in sight. Join me in cheering our team as I take my strategic position in the field to ensure victory.
I thank you. God bless you. God bless NASA. God bless Kenya.
Hon. MusaliaMudavadi, EGH

Nairobi, Thursday April 26, 2017