BABA:RAILA ODINGA Should Instead Vie For International Positions And Leave Local Politics To The Youths

Dear Raila Amollo Odinga [RAO],

You have been the spearhead of political reforms in Eastern Africa,high-octane Pan-Africanist whose competence and caliber stretches beyond boundaries and overseas but incompetent,biased Kenyan politicians from the ruling government doesn’t assign you such profile but instead prays for your retirement and assasination.

Ironically majority of world power nations scrambles for you and believes you are the best than the current weed-smoker Mr.President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Hullabaloo,divisive politics have never been your game.Your enthusiasm in democracy has too been felt across borders and adhered to though the road might have been bumpy. 

You have been the authentic one man army,a living Legend and a walking martyr.The games you do encounter on local politics is decrediting your potential and talent.I’m not against your Presidential bid but i think you deserve more,a better position in the International arena and give for once the youths a chance to dwell in local politics to make Kenya Great Again as you Make World Great Again.

Why I think You Can Make It In the International Class

On December 2,2011 amongst all African dignitaries you were chosen by the head of African Union Commission Jean Ping  to lead a delegation to mediate Ivory Coast’s political crisis after the then outgoing president Laurent Gbabgo refused to cede power.Him together with the winner Alassane Ouattara both claimed victorious after presidential runoff.

The crisis had worsened with over 200 dead and 14,000 forced to flee to neighbouring countries to seek refuge.The nation was divided along ethno-religious lines between Muslim North and Christian South.

You recommended for forceful removal of Gbagbo from office which went through even after talks collapsed.Gbagbo is now a customer of International Criminal Court (ICC) on charges for violation against humanity.

Your Presidency bids has always made Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni wet his pants.He views you as fearless,straightforward politician that can threaten his Cachet in the East African region.

Heavy security details given to you in all foreign lands has been confusing as to who is the King between you and the weed-smoker Uhuru Kenyatta who is welcomed by factotums from Kenyan Embassy when in a foreign states visit.

Previously Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time in Africa history gave you a threatening security for escort including a KNIGHT XV Van believed as most powerful after the BEAST said to withstand 70 grenade attacks and able to run a 1000km distance on flat tyre for escort.

World is shaken and Keeps on wondering.

On March 22,2016 when you arrived at TAMBO International Airport your heavily armed contingent of 15 Russian bodyguards from Zaslon Elite Commando Unit of the Russian Army compared to  US Rangers  left majority toungue -tied whether it was a SuperPower house leader which i don’t think they were mistaken.

Your security was the third heaviest VIP protection in Africa after Robert Mugabe and Al-Sisi of Egypt.

Your grandiloquence,adroitness,humility in leadership and political resilience ,the Israel Philosophers Association in collaboration with the government is looking forward to name a Millitary and Nuclear Enginering University after your name.

It’s observable that Russia,Israel,USA,Turkey,UK,Germany,India,Indonesa world superpowers are fighting not to break the bond made with you.

You are the Cinderella,the Mighty One.

You were the only African incumbent that the controversial US President Donald J Trump is in solidarity with and believes you are the right man for Top Kenyan job.

Last year 2016 the then Democratic Presidential Candidate,Hillary Clinton during her Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia recognized your presence admitting she had learnt alot from you.She reffered to you as Enigma and  Proffesor of Global Politics.She went ahead and offered you a gift of thanks-Public Address system fitted in 5 bullet proof trucks which has collection of 62 powerful 3000W in-built tweeters and motable for 2017 campaigns.

The system’s stereo power makes it audible even 50km away and is fitted with advanced capacitor that can deliberately halt any jumbo electronic device within same radii of 50km away and render them completely.

According Alpine Armoring Director Wallace Gregory you were the First in Africa and no one has ever afforded it.

After three times of Presidency attempt you might have been demoralised at times.You are forever Kenyan.You have to move beyond boundaries and reclaim your rightful position and still your fight for democracy will soldier on.Nothing much will be lost at home.You are the World Class leader. 

If time allows vie for UN chief seat.

You have been a War Mediator,African Greatest Orator,Lecturer,a Cabinet Minister,a Prisoner for Justice and Democracy sake.World Power houses are fighting for you.You will be the World Moderator,Diplomat and Advocate,Civil Servant and CEO.

UN is 193 member state which i believe you have half the Support and Trust.

You are the REAL DEAL!


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