This Is Why Odinga-Kenyatta-Joho-Moi Dynasties and Many Other More Families of Political BigWigs Vying For Political Seats Shouldn’t Be An Headache.

The campaigns antagonizing one-family political dominance more of hereditary leadership has been of more concern to new political aspirants whom have publicized their contest bids but have one worry of automatically loosing(liability) in party ticket nominations in primaries to their opponents whom might have absolute meagerly development track record but have the recognizable Surname or blood-ties.In this game your name betrays you but your blood-tie or shared Surname to the Top banana secures you a  chance of clinching the flag.

To elaborate my statement much better i’ll use letter A and B for reference.My conscience convinces me it’s never logical to boycott or fight against a potential incumbent(A)  as a result  of his/her Surname or background (From kingpin dynasty)but the self proclaimed “voters choice” (B)who bribed or rather convinced voters not to vote for the opponent[A] since he/she thinks power don’t belong to their family only(A) but augmentatively has zero track record and much less to offer to the people.There comes symphathy voting where the beneficiaries like [B] will never reign without people chanting for his/her impeachment.It’s always deplorable.

Prior to appathizing  with a candidate from the dynasty ask yourself:

  • Don’t they have the potential to lead?
  • Do they lack the qualities?
  • Don’t they personally have development track record?
  • Are you biased?-Definately YES

It’s not about who they are or where they come from for that matter but what can they deliver,what have they delivered.Whenever your mindset is intruded with symphathy voting illness you are doomed.Why vote out a potential incumbent for one or two vague reasons especially because of background.

That has solely been Kenya-Politico campaigns as General elections nears.There has been a controversial debate on what is termed  as “successors” tendency.Jaramogi Oginga Odinga(First vice president of Kenya)-Odinga Dynsasty,Jomo Kenyatta(First president of Kenya)-Kenyatta Dynasty,Daniel Arap Moi(Second president of Kenya)-Moi Dynasty,Joho(Mombasa county businessmen and politicians)-Joho’s Dynasty

Johos Dynasty

About Johos dynasty is still an immature grass on fertile soil.Rising up to limelight.The country wide public figure is the Mombasa Governor HE.Hassan Ali Joho aka 001 and deputy party leader of Orange Democratic Movement(ODM).

A pinch of people are aware of Johos  dynasty but Coast residents are in dilema and now calling for intervention of Hassan Ali Joho aka 001 since his brother  Said Salim aka Saido is eyeing for Nyali constituency seat to be the next Member of Parliament and at the same location controversial Investigative journalist  of popular Jichopevu program Moha is in the game.They are both contesting for ODM Party nominations where Said Salim Joho aka Saido’s brother HE.Hassan Ali Joho is the Deputy party leader.

 This is a threat to the party members from the Coastal region being a stronghold for ODM party,votes might be split depending on the criteria used but party nominations contest which are expected soon will determine the flagbearer.It will be a do or die situation.

A free and fair nominations doesn’t consider the Surname or family background but potential.If Saido has the potential over Moha then let Saido be the flagbearer or vice versa without contradictory remarks and campaign of dynasty.

Odinga Dynasty

Odinga dynasty has been the most controversial under Kenya political umbrella.

This man the Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya Raila Amollo Odinga (RAO) who is the son of the late Oginga Odinga   a firm opposition leader since Kenyatta,Moi governments until he passed on in 1994 with his son.

His political profile and journey in fight for freedom,democracy and devolution in Kenya is known worldwide.I would have not adulated him so much but the history and sacrifice he has made for this nation applaudes for him much more.

This is a man who has won Nobel prizes from hearts of  majority.He has contested three times for presidency but has been always denied in broad-daylight.

In 1982 he was put under house arrest for seven months  due to attempt coup in Moi government which he was later charged with treason and detained for six years without court trial.

In 1988 after being released in February he was re-arrested in September 1988 again when he was  campaigning against immensed poor governance  in Moi government and against single -party system and aimed for Multy-party system.He was released in June 1989 and again apprehended in 1990 together with Kenneth Matiba and former Nairobi Mayor Charles Rubia for fighting for Multi-partism and was finally released on June 1991.

 Today we are a multi-party state,we have a devolved government and atleast a democratic state.  Should this man be denied power because he was a sucessor of Odinga? Should his brother Oburu Odinga be denied power because of his Surname? Should Raila’s daughter Rosemary be denied ODM party nomination since she is from Odinga dynasty?  Should Raila’s relatives be denied power since they are related? 

That’s being so mean.

Coming out of that cocoon state should be a walk in the park.The questions should be, do they have the potential,are they ethusiastic?

 Moi Dynasty

 In 2007 General elections in the Rift Valley region,homeground for former president Daniel Arap Moi whose sons “sucessors” Gideon Moi ,Raymond Moi and Jonathan Moi lost parliamentary elections not that they lacked the potential or qualities but because voters believed the dynasty being built is becoming selfish.

In 2013 after residents comtemplating Gideon Moi’s potential and qualities  he secured senatorial seat for Baringo County.All that people need from incumbents is development which is diversified.

Kenyatta Dynasty

The story line is more of the same like other dynasties i have tackled above.

    Caption| Top left:Daniel Arap Moi,Top right:Jaramogi Oginga Odinga,Below left: Jomo Kenyatta,Below Right:Hassan Ali Joho


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