Indians Congenital Malformations.Is It Curse From gods and goddess?Get To Know The Truth Here.

Ever since i got interest and because Unity is my aim and strength against obstacles but when abscinded we fall ,i decided to join social media specifically facebook at first being the largest interaction platform to all people from all walks of life.

Because of enthusiasm in positive and development discussions,i spontaneously began to join groups and liking pages not hapharzadly but carefully especially religious,political groups and pages.

Everytime uptodate whenever i log in scrolling through my timeline,posts in groups and pages are always filled with images  of our own sons and daughters either crippled or conjoined and with other various body abnormalities captioned “please give him/her 1000+ likes  and pray for him/her,please share this and type Amen and if you worship satan keep on scrolling” The similarities in all the images are;almost all are of Indians.

Questions many might be asking including myself,”Are these curses from the gods and goddess? “or “Are we making fun of the disabled?

Here Is The Answer.

India has tremendous religions and remember census shows that India population is a sixth of the world population.

  • Hinduism –80%
  • Islam-14%
  • Christianity-2.3%
  • Sikhism-1.7%
  • Budhism-0.4%
  • Jainism-0.4%
  • Others-0.7%
  • Not stated-0.2%

        The genesis of these malformations mostly in Indian citizens should not be addressed as a curse from the gods and goddess,these are genetic disorders that resulted from nuclear war.

        High prevalance of genetic diseases and mutations began majorly after Pokhran Nuclear Test which have also caused cancer and not sidelining Consanguineous marriage which is categorised according to ethnic groups due to migration from Africa,Middle -East and West Asia,Southern China and South- East Asia has contributed to the genetic diversity of the country.

        On May 19,1974 India carried out its first Nuclear test in Loharki village whereby 2000 residents were alerted and warned that the test would cause skin and eyes irritation the next day but would later normalise.Survivor narrates that the residents were regarded as matrys since collateral damage was expected including human health was at stake due to harmful radiation.

        Forty years later,the repurcusions have long since been felt with cancer threats and genetic disorders.With 2000 people who had been affected,now high rate in India’s population today are affected due to Intermarriages which has been mode of transmission uptodate.

        Below was a census report showing figures of affected infants born annualy.

        1. 495,000 infants with congenital malformations.
        2. 390,000 infants with G6PD deficiency
        3. 21,400 infants with Down syndrome
        4. 9,000 infants with B-thalassaemia
        5. 5,200 infants with Sickle cell
        6. 9,760 infants with Amino acid disorders

        Biological causes

        Even relatively exposure to these radiations causes genetic disorder hence body abnormalities as revealed by polymarphisms in nuclear and mitochondrial DNA.

        Stages in Nuclear effect

        From 1-9 weeks is the Initial stage.Here 90% are affected due to thermal or blast effect injuries and 10% due to harmful radiation exposure.

        From 10-12 weeks is the intermediate stage deaths from ionizing radiation occurs.

        From 13-20 weeks is the late period where victim’s state normalises.

        From 20+ weeks is the delayed period.Individuals whom were exposed to few 100-1000 millisieverts of radiation experiences:

        • Infertility
        • Sub-fertility
        • Blood disorders

        Other Effects of Nuclear radiation

        Effects of these radiations depends on radiation dosage absorbed by the body.

        • Intense exposure to radioactive material at 1,000-5,000 rems would cause instant damage to small blood vessels and probably heart failure and death.
        • 100 rem exposure reducts blood’s lymphocyte cell count which might persist upto 10yrs and long-term risk of leukemia and lymphoma.
        • Thyroid gland being susceptible to radioactive iodine which destroys all parts.

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