The ‘Lit Church’ phenomenon sweeping Kenya With Middle Class Going To Modernised Churches Dumping Traditional Just To Cool.

Research shows that main christian denominations in kenya are protestants which make up about 47.4% of the country’s religious composition.They include Anglican Church Of Kenya,The Presbyterian,Reformed,Methodist,Pentecostal churches just to mention  a few.

There are over 4,000 registered churches in kenya belonging to multitudinous religious denominations and above all there are only 7 mainstream churches in kenya

  1. Roman Catholic Church
  2. Anglican Church
  3. Full Gospel churches
  4. Presbyterian Church Of East Africa
  5. Africa Inland Church
  6. Methodist Church
  7. Baptist Church

In 2009 census only 635,352 people out of over 40,000,000 kenyan population are still bonded to Traditional ways of worship.

I am not naive to say modern churches today have become enterpreneurship and investment business sites with some even in stock exchange platforms.Here is an affidavit.

  1. CITAM (Christ Is The Answer Ministries)
  • Makes annual income of 1.016billion and surplus of over 265million
  • Has 8 schools namely: Buruburu senior school and Buruburu primary school,CITAM Woodley school,Ngong school,Kisumu School,Eldoret School,Nakuru school,Athi River school.
  • 15 Branches countrywide
  • Hope Radio station.

Nairobi Chapel

  • Makes annual income over 440million.

Mavuno Church

  • Makes annual earning 291million from tithes and offerings

Nairobi Baptist Chapel

Winners Chapel

Believers especially middle class folks upto the the royals nowadays look for churches with powerful sound music system,screens all over,unique structure of the church not with intensions to heartly feel presence of the Almighty God but presence of loud music,good selfi background for instagram,facebook and snapchat and also be seen classic.

With ‘keshas’ everywhere in this modern churches ,many matrimonial homes have bifurcated and some have become secret prostitution dens.

Being a christian let me cross you over to the scripture from book of Issiah,”..the people ‘worshiped’ God in the way that pleased them,but not in the way that was prescribed.This they did in that they regarded the outward form of worship as sufficient,irrespective of the attitude of the heart.The priests evidently encouraged this,exhibiting a concern only that the worshipper only bring the requisite sacrifices,but not that he come to the Lord in humble and true devotion.”

It is evident we are going astray.Old is Gold.We don’t control money but instead money control us.

I just came to realize how this business is serious and much earning.In our various Television stations specifically Citizen tv every Sunday airs live church services and that  makes me believe this is just marketing the ministry which i believe is being paid for.This is affecting honest souls building up laxity with many now are influenced by ‘I will pray on tv’ slogan.Is this all you need?!And because the outlook the church is attractive,the next Sunday Congregation grows not because they are yearning for the gospel but the glitterings.I would suggest shut down for airing live church services because they mislead innocent souls.

Not all believers in the above outlined ministries are hypocryts but observing these “modern” ministries are like for couturiers,cat-walk zones.Almost everyone attends to show off their cheap imported clothes and put on a ‘mitumba’ you will be a laughing stalk.These are window shopping zones.

Having explored almost all these ministries and in one occasion when i happened to attend first services early in the morning there being three services a day.The first service attendance is always low maybe because its a weekend and many people might extend their slumber after full week of work.I gently sat behind three elegant young energetic ladies whom i preffered to be my ‘sisters’.Through the church window were bright yellow cool rays of sun penetrating in and the ladies so unsettled trying to get a clear background for so called ‘selfi’ but i asked myself before i reacted,should i blame them? and because am a visitor that seemed to be the trend.

These revolutions have raised my eye brows and too many unanswered questions.

Why misuse your only chemistry knowledge of ‘solutions’ to mix potassium permanganate with water ‘decieving’  intelligent men and women with walking CCTVs thinking they are at your level of primitivity “Pastor” Kanyari? Why do innocent souls have to loose their lives on road accidents after your crusades Pastor Owuor? Why do you want miracles to happen to you but you lack faith ? Waking up everyday safe and sound is enough miracle in your life.Why do you have to go to Winners Chapel to humbly present 10,000/- as offering and earlier on you had denied a street boy only 10/-? Why do have to steal for six days because of pride and because your church people don’t go empty-handed on the seventh day want to repent ?


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