Crossing Borders For”Greener Pasture”Temperament Is Causing Kenyan Families And Friends Rot In Foreign Jail Terms.

“You want to be someone well-off?  Find your way through to diaspora,you are assured of well-paying jobs” that’s the mindset of majority fed up with low salary or totally jobless.But how many returns safe and sound,untarnished without offence?

Prison Transfer Agreement Act 2015 which came to effect on 12,October in Kenya was to help in transfer of personalities serving sentences for criminal offences within or outside the country and ensuring that prisoners are accorded basic respect in line with Human Rights and International Conventions.

That agreement is only applied where two states have signed an Agreement and treaties.

According to the AG Proff Muigai the agreement act is to allow the inmates to serve their sentences within the community and in his estimation,about 3000 kenyans are serving jail terms foreign states.

South Sudan

Being the youngest country in Africa after attaining independence in 2011 from Sudan has sentenced 4 Kenyan Citizens life imprisonment over unclear accusations and charges.

Anthony Mwadime 31, whose family live in Ngong Kajiado County have been helpless after trying left,right and centre but ends of justice haven’t met.He was among the four sentenced to life imprisonment.

Anthony Keya Munialo,once a resident of Jericho estate in Nairobi left the country leaving his wife behind after the itching whip of life stroke him to fetch for greener pasture which turned out being tragedy.

Boniface Muriuki,Ravi Ramesh being in the batallion.According to reports,they (4) were held hostage for 40 days at a millitary intelligence camp and their families were only allowed 5 minutes of interaction after which they were whisked away.With the unfavourable condition in cells and within a period of six months,they were not easily identical according to their families reports.

Court Process

Ravi Ramesh’s sister narrated how their Lawyer was threatened at gunpoint infront of the judge to drop the case.

Legal justice presentation never prevailed and court nevertheless found them guilty of stealing equivalent 1.4billion Kshs from South Sudan government hence sentencing them to life imprisonment.

Intervention of Foreign affairs Cs Amina Muhammed beared no fruit,all in vain even after stating it was illegal detention and that she was using diplomatic chain to bring them back.

KenyaSouth Sudan Prisoner Transfer Agreement and Treaties haven’t been initiated according to reports because if it were,the detained would have already been transfered back home.

Away from S.Sudan

Massive numbers of citizens have been down played especially by drug cartels without their knowledge.

Dignitaries advices that there is no shortcut to acquire wealth,you must sweat for it and if asked the source you can support yourself like in an audit report.

Earlier previous year 40 Kenyans were detained in Hong Kong over drug dealing accusations contrary to what their families  said they went on a mission to campaign aginst drug use and smuggling led by unidentified Priest.

In Kenya,make your way through to political arena and make millions on daily basis through mischevious means but you won’t be detained for stealing public fund that belong to peasant tax -payer.

Rate of conning and job scums are on rise in Kenya led by vague persons and we should genuinly blame our IQ if they are low because when someone talks about “Abroad” we fill like we are matching to heaven.Flying on air is news and moment of a kind to us.

Routine of paying “Non-refundable” has become rampant in association with Job scums.What are these scums? According to my undestanding,links sent to you in social media requiring one to click to be directed so that you earn 1000$ or£ is an example.

Back to math now,Kenya has a population of over 40 million according to last concensus.If job opportunity is advertised and estimately 10 million apply due to high rise of unemployment and each pays “The Non-refundable fee” of 1000 Kshs like many employers would do and at the end of the day only 100 people get employed.Where does the remaining 9,999,900,000 billion Kshs goes?  Be cautious.


This Was The Reaction Of Senate Speaker Ekwe Ethuro After Deployment Of Police Barricade Around Parliament Buildings.

Road blocked,no through way

The deployment of the police blocade around the parliament buildings which denied members of the senate free access to the chambers raised more concerns and frustrations.

This seems to be caused by the previous chaotic and contentious special sitting in the National Assembly on 23 December over the ammendment of election laws which gives hand to Manual voter identification and voting than Biometric voter registration and voting.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga “after thinking” argued this will raise the dead,”ghost voting.”Only time will tell if opposition are right.Planning Mass Action on 4th January 2017 to condemn the laws will be their last bullet as stated by the Opposition leader.

Contrary to what IG Boinnet and Nkaissery Internal Security CS expected to happen on Wed 28 December in the senate forgetting that’s house of decorum.Solomonic wisdom of Speaker Ekwe Ethuro saved the house and showed peasant Kenyans loyalty and intelligence.He said..

Kenya is not a police state but a democracy state.

Police officer should facilitate acces to the chambers not fear and denial to freely enter.

Ekwe Ethuro directed the chairman of National Security to investigate under what circumstance police came to parliament.This was after immense pressure from members who demanded answers.

Has parliament been held captive by the executive? why have police barricated roads near parliament.We want to know why? Asked Sen.Bonni Khalwale

They pleaded and at the same time demanded the speaker to adjourn the sitting if police were not cleared around the quarters.

The sitting was not usual being  festive season since they adjourns before Christmass D-Day and resumes January after celebrations and vacations.The speaker gave notice a week ago after Majority leader in the senate Kithure Kindiki requested,  supported by other 15 members following the drama in National Assembly stating that it was a business that must be transacted early before rush hour.

In Election laws ammendment act 2016,he directed Senate Legal Affairs team to bring in public input on the eristic changes to poll laws.

BIO-TERRORISM ALERT! With Video Footage,Fake “Plastic Rice” Being Imported Into Africa As Rice Demand Rises.

On 22nd December,102 sacks of ‘plastic rice’ equivalent to 2.5tonnes were confiscated in Nigeria by National Agency for Foods and Drugs (NAFDAC) but the Health minister Isaac Adewole was speaking different language condemning tests carried out by the Agency  lack evidence of plastic materials according to BBC reports.

This act originated from Taiyuan,Shaanxi province China as usual.Resin,a sticky organic substance extracted from trees and some plants are abundant in Taiyuan.

This fake rice is made by mixing varities of potatoes with industrial synthetic Resin into shapefull rice grains extremely toxic for human consumption. Which thereafter before boiling appears just like normal rice but after boiling it’s sticky and gummy than usual.

The bitter part is,after it was detected in Asia the cartels still  found their way through to Africa and the smuggling continues.Bags of rice are distributed for charity supports,christmass gifts and in most African Nations it’s a stable food.

Suspected Brand

102 sacks rice impounded each containing 25kgs were branded  Best Tomato Rice.

It might not only be that brand that you should take caution,after all its just a brand.Every brand is a threat.

How do you know fake rice?

After laboratory test by Nafdac.Here are some hints to know whether your rice is real or fake ‘plastic’

  • When burnt produces flame and a dour smell.
  • After boiling it sticks at the bottom of the pan and its gum-like.
  • When dipped in hot cooking oil they melt or sticks in.
  • When dipped in water they float unlike real ones that sinks.
  • When crushed either in mortar and pestle or any other means it has discolouration.

        Please share this to save innocent lives.

        FACT:Kenya Under Siege With Political Drama And Assasination Taking Fore Front As Main Economic Activity.

        Just a day after cold blood murder of Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov by a police officer from a special unit in Ankara Gallery.

        A senior police officer and infact former presidential escort officer Kipchirchir Alfie who is now an instructor at The Kenya Police College Kiganjo courtesy of his facebook account temerariously,raising eye brows of  majority with a clear shot of a packet of live bullets captioned that three to take down Junet Mohammed and the rest for Millie Odhiambo whom are all CORD Mps.Is this Utumishi Kwa wote-Service for all?  

        In the case of Russian Ambassador,this is a serious threat and should not be taken for granted and this is how they have been conducting political assasination of leaders in Kenya.

        This happens a day after dramatic ‘special meeting’ in the August House.Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi was blocked at the door from making his way through to the chambers for 2hours from 9:30am and the August’s House Symbol of Authority Mace carrier sergent- at-arm  also could not pass hence no transaction in the debate or sitting can be done.

        The mixed reactions was caused by the ‘illegal’ debate on Elections Laws Ammendment Act  and yet to be confirmed Election regulations to govern next year 2017 General Election.The opposition were mainly opposed   to the proposed use of manual voter identification and submission of election results if biometric voter machine fails, a calculated move for election rigging.

                CORD members outside chambers

              Hon.Millie Odhiambo

          Second special sitting,the majority members (ruling party) were allowed to take with them fire-arms.They assaulted each other forcing the opposition to boycott and vacate the debate matching to Milimani Law courts to present their petition of halting the sitting.I am naive 2017 might be another 2007 post-election violence.This is Adolf Hitler governance.We are a stake and this is happening during festive season.It’s a clear-cut this house of legislators lacks decorum together with the speaker who is Jubilee party mole.

        All High- Profile Assasinations since independence.

        Extra-judicial killings is now becoming no news in this republic.They happen “investigation” is done,suspects accused but are never found guilty and cover up is done unfortunately they are never forgotten.There are piles of cases for extra-judicial killings which only personalities from corridors of power emerge victorious.

        Since 2013 when Jubilee regime got into power,tremendous political assasination have taken higher profile.Likes of Kipchirchir being second self-confessed proffesional assasin after undisclosed man who confessed to clear doubts after killing of contreversial businessman Jacob Juma since he took part in it.

        Below is a letter courtesy of Boniface Mwangi,Activist.Please go through it.

        In 1969 July Tom Mboya was assasinated,1975 JM Kariuki was also brought down,1990 Robert Ouko also was murdered all under political arena.

        From 2013 courtesy of Raila Odinga here is a list ICC Witnesses that have been murdered

        1. Meshack Yebei
        2. Charles Ndungu Wagacha
        3. Naftali Irungu
        4. Anthony Mwenje
        5. Njuguna Gitau
        6. Njoroge Gichere
        7.  Timothy Mburu Gatira
        8. Njuguna Gitau
        9. George Njoroge Wachaga
        10. Maina Diambo
        11. John Kitugi

        Not forgetting poisoning of Hon.Mutula Kilonzo,terrific death of Hon.Orwa Ojode and Hon. George Saitoti ,Jacob Juma,Hon.Otieno Kajwang’,Bogonko Bosire,George Thuo Who were all threat to the ruling administration.


        This is a leading mobile network operator in Kenya.It’s tragedy that in every public service here in Kenya  is drama.

        This is a company that on every single day earns averagely 140million kshs profit,3.6million kshs per hour.

        Taking advantage of customers illeteracy on their operations to steal airtime from them in collaboration with Huawei Tecnologies Ltd Safaricom’s trading partner.”Accidental subscriptions” and fake premium services.Relieve yourself dial *100*5*4#(prepaid) and *200*5*4#(postpaid).

        Depth Of Your Pocket Matters In public services

        For one to acquire EACC clearance you pay 500kshs for not being corrupt.

        For you to acquire Credit Reference Bereau clearance you pay 2200kshs for not having debts or loans with financial institutions.

        HELB clearance you pay 1000kshs for not having arrears.

        Police Clearance Certificate(Certificate of Good Conduct)  you pay 1000kshs and 1050kshs for e-citizen for not being a criminal.

        When All Is Said And Done.

        We often talk about some facts of life which at some point are regarded to be abormination in our various cultures and belief.But why should we escape from the truth? I have been yearning to air them out and I will be brief as i share with you some food of thought.

        One Time

        One time you will be standing in front of God as a appelant like in court of law.

        One time you will eat your best meals and take your best drinks but you will not be able to excrete.

        One time you will purchase your best 3-piece suit and your admirable dress but you will have no strength to put them on.

        One time you will hold your breadth and you will not be able to exculpate it.

        One time your deeds on this planet earth will be presented before the most high like an audit report.

        One time you will not be resting at the beach,under the tree,shade but in peace.

        One time all your body operating systems will cease to function.

        One time you won’t be able to listen to that loud music.

        One time some of your loved ones who you used to share with chocolates and icecremes together will shy away from holding you.

        One time ants,termites will maneuver on you but will not be able to scare them away.

        One time your light skin and dark skin will go back to their origin of dust.

        One time that your valuable Range Rover will be taken by another person.

        One time you employer will be an employee of your once employee.

        One time your name will be called in the register but no one will answer.

        One time you will be called but you will neither call back nor decline.

        One time your best song will be played but you will not dance or draw attention to it.

        One time you will have permanent homestead,heaven or hell.

        One time you will close your windows but you will not be able to open them.

        Sometimes you are unsatisfied with your life while hundreds of people are dreaming to live your life.

        A boy at the farmyard sees a plane up the sky and dreams of becoming a pilot but the pilot sees that farmyard and wishes to come back home.

        Think about your lifestyle,how you treat your friends or any person who comes along your way.Don’t let your Audit report be a full 120 A4 page book.

        The ‘Lit Church’ phenomenon sweeping Kenya With Middle Class Going To Modernised Churches Dumping Traditional Just To Cool.

        Research shows that main christian denominations in kenya are protestants which make up about 47.4% of the country’s religious composition.They include Anglican Church Of Kenya,The Presbyterian,Reformed,Methodist,Pentecostal churches just to mention  a few.

        There are over 4,000 registered churches in kenya belonging to multitudinous religious denominations and above all there are only 7 mainstream churches in kenya

        1. Roman Catholic Church
        2. Anglican Church
        3. Full Gospel churches
        4. Presbyterian Church Of East Africa
        5. Africa Inland Church
        6. Methodist Church
        7. Baptist Church

        In 2009 census only 635,352 people out of over 40,000,000 kenyan population are still bonded to Traditional ways of worship.

        I am not naive to say modern churches today have become enterpreneurship and investment business sites with some even in stock exchange platforms.Here is an affidavit.

        1. CITAM (Christ Is The Answer Ministries)
        • Makes annual income of 1.016billion and surplus of over 265million
        • Has 8 schools namely: Buruburu senior school and Buruburu primary school,CITAM Woodley school,Ngong school,Kisumu School,Eldoret School,Nakuru school,Athi River school.
        • 15 Branches countrywide
        • Hope Radio station.

        Nairobi Chapel

        • Makes annual income over 440million.

        Mavuno Church

        • Makes annual earning 291million from tithes and offerings

        Nairobi Baptist Chapel

        Winners Chapel

        Believers especially middle class folks upto the the royals nowadays look for churches with powerful sound music system,screens all over,unique structure of the church not with intensions to heartly feel presence of the Almighty God but presence of loud music,good selfi background for instagram,facebook and snapchat and also be seen classic.

        With ‘keshas’ everywhere in this modern churches ,many matrimonial homes have bifurcated and some have become secret prostitution dens.

        Being a christian let me cross you over to the scripture from book of Issiah,”..the people ‘worshiped’ God in the way that pleased them,but not in the way that was prescribed.This they did in that they regarded the outward form of worship as sufficient,irrespective of the attitude of the heart.The priests evidently encouraged this,exhibiting a concern only that the worshipper only bring the requisite sacrifices,but not that he come to the Lord in humble and true devotion.”

        It is evident we are going astray.Old is Gold.We don’t control money but instead money control us.

        I just came to realize how this business is serious and much earning.In our various Television stations specifically Citizen tv every Sunday airs live church services and that  makes me believe this is just marketing the ministry which i believe is being paid for.This is affecting honest souls building up laxity with many now are influenced by ‘I will pray on tv’ slogan.Is this all you need?!And because the outlook the church is attractive,the next Sunday Congregation grows not because they are yearning for the gospel but the glitterings.I would suggest shut down for airing live church services because they mislead innocent souls.

        Not all believers in the above outlined ministries are hypocryts but observing these “modern” ministries are like for couturiers,cat-walk zones.Almost everyone attends to show off their cheap imported clothes and put on a ‘mitumba’ you will be a laughing stalk.These are window shopping zones.

        Having explored almost all these ministries and in one occasion when i happened to attend first services early in the morning there being three services a day.The first service attendance is always low maybe because its a weekend and many people might extend their slumber after full week of work.I gently sat behind three elegant young energetic ladies whom i preffered to be my ‘sisters’.Through the church window were bright yellow cool rays of sun penetrating in and the ladies so unsettled trying to get a clear background for so called ‘selfi’ but i asked myself before i reacted,should i blame them? and because am a visitor that seemed to be the trend.

        These revolutions have raised my eye brows and too many unanswered questions.

        Why misuse your only chemistry knowledge of ‘solutions’ to mix potassium permanganate with water ‘decieving’  intelligent men and women with walking CCTVs thinking they are at your level of primitivity “Pastor” Kanyari? Why do innocent souls have to loose their lives on road accidents after your crusades Pastor Owuor? Why do you want miracles to happen to you but you lack faith ? Waking up everyday safe and sound is enough miracle in your life.Why do you have to go to Winners Chapel to humbly present 10,000/- as offering and earlier on you had denied a street boy only 10/-? Why do have to steal for six days because of pride and because your church people don’t go empty-handed on the seventh day want to repent ?

        Jubilee Eminent Downfall And Uncertain Worrying End For Kenya.

        Lets be realistic now,it’s not a matter of being Jubilee die-hard or not.Currently we are at stake as a nation with our economy dimming,debts on high rise than ever before.This is  a national disaster under this administration.I bet you are gaining absolutely nothing being a die-hard not unless you are a beneficiary of their dubious games.

        A forest is formed by small trees.The Jubilee government being the forest have created conducive environment and habitat for dangerous animals who are “lootocrats” instead of being source of water for the conservationists who are wananchi.Its now the eleventh hour to deforest the forest.

        Sincerely speaking the main manifesto of the Jubilee regime was to get rid off ICC cases not the change we expected,no antidote for graft disease,insecurity worst,increased debts.System of “lootology.”

        Presidential assemblies which are considered dignitary meetings has drastically changed to be battlefield for insults,hate speech zone.

        In grand coalition regime led by former president Mwai Kibaki there was no any Murkomen or Moses Kuria like characters.Head of state presence was special and respected.

        They have left their chores fighting opposition who are right on track putting the gvt on toes for the development of nation.This is tragedy!

        Deputy president Ruto the self-proclaimed ‘hustler’ who even tried to hustle for “Doctorate” in plant ecology from University of Nairobi as he announced from June but unsuccesful.Let me digest this for you,whether you are a landgrabber,looter, you are all thieves but in Africa fail to recognize them with honor like “honourables”,”His excellence” and not wake up in a police cell.

        With 2017 elections approaching be ready for consolidation if this government reclaims their position me am not.Their sofa sets are in hot fiery fire and its a nightmare now with the arising NASA Super Alliance.You cannot dance well on one leg and the same song of ‘lootation’ ‘lamentation’ ‘blame game’ and not country development.

        After Tunnel of death,NYS scum,Eurobond scandle the beats of the drums are changing.Its a clear cut that the incumbents are squandering everything neglecting public interest,residents from the South Rift and Nandi who out of symphathy voted for you atleast to protect your interests to get away with Hague cases and thereafter the song vocals changed to enriching yourselves in business of personal economic enterprise,grabbing primary school lands.

        You have changed the National anthem adding”sit back and watch”  “See no evil,say no evil and act more evil.”